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Monday, January 21, 2019

Day 3

After our crazy travel adventures from the first two days we were all excited and ready to get on the slopes. However first we had to send Amelia to ski school. She had taken a private lesson the year before but that didn't end too well so she didn't have a great opinion of skiing. We all coaxed her into believing that ski school was going to be so much fun and lucky for us she took the bait :) So early Saturday morning her and I walked across the snow over to the lessons.

Looking back up at our condos

I have to say being out on the snow before anyone else was pretty amazing. The ski school at Angel Fire was so impressive. It was like a well oiled machine. My favorite part was after you check in your child you drop them off at the door with an instructor. So Amelia didn't really have time to get sad or second guess anything. After I dropped her off, I picked up our ski lift tickets and then headed back to the room for breakfast.

Aiden met me in the snow to see how beautiful it was.

It was crazy how much snow there was with more predicted while we were there. After grabbing a few pictures

We were ready to ski! We went on the bunny slope 2 times so everyone could get back in the swing of things then up the big lift we went. On our way up we saw Amelia at ski school and y'all my heart almost leap out of my chest! She was so stinking cute and she was participating. We were so happy. Once at the top we skied down a few new slopes until lunch time. The good thing about where we were staying is the access to our room was ideal. We went back to the room everyday for lunch and a little break before going back out again. So after lunch back out we went. 

Once on our way down I saw Amelia at ski school on the bunny slope so I parked myself and just watched her. I just couldn't help myself ;) 

I was totally spying on her 😅

The boys went up the bunny slope for another run and Cam went on a harder one up at the top.

We all met up at the ski school to pick up Amelia at 4pm. My heart sank when I saw her...she was devastated. Her instructor took one look at me and said "she really needs you." So I picked her up, took off her ski gear and gave her a few big hugs. Her teacher said she did great all day but he thinks she got tired at the end and once she was tired she just started crying and nothing made her feel better. With another day of ski school the next day I knew I had to get her mind back on how much fun skiing is. So we talked about it, gave more hugs and she started telling me that she did have fun. 

And of course we had to take some pics

Once back in the room I got an email with where she went during the day (all the kids where a gps on their leg). We were dying! 

She was all over the place no wonder she was so tired! It was so cold we made good use of our fire place this year. Cameron taught Aiden how to make a fire and then he helped me keep it going. 

I made dinner, we played some Mario kart and Super Smash Bro tournaments then hit the sack. We were all exhausted.

Day 4

Another early morning awaited us and another trek through the snow to ski school. Amelia was adamant that she did not want to go to ski school and was quietly sobbing. It was so hard to let her go but I knew that she needed it and I had a really good feeling she was going to have a better day. After dropping her off I headed back to get the boys for another day of skiing. The weather wasn't too was really cold (-10) in the morning but the sun was out. 

Pretty much our day was the same as the one before. Skiing in the morning, back to the room for lunch then more skiing before we picked up Amelia at 4 from ski school.

I have to say these two days were perfection. I had the best time skiing with Cam and the boys. Cam is a great skier and the boys picked it up so fast. They are so much better then me! The three of them would go down harder slopes while I chose the easier route then we would all meet at the bottom and go back up. Aiden and Cam were quite the ski buddies. I loved seeing Cameron tell all about Aiden skiing and how good and fearless he is. 

Again, while skiing I spied Amelia and was shocked at how well she was skiing! She never fell and was in so much control. I knew from seeing her that she was having a better day and I couldn't wait to grab her and hear all about it! 

And guess what...she did have a better day! She was so excited to tell us all about her skiing and couldn't wait to ski with us the next day. Hallelujah! Cameron and her went to pick her up some skies so we would be ready to go the next day.

Our evening was pretty much the same...dinner, games and this time football because it is was Sunday and the Cowboys were playing. 

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