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Saturday, January 12, 2019


We've decided to try and make a ski trip an annual vacation for us over the winter break holiday. Our favorite time to go is between Christmas and New Years. Last year when we went there was no snow but this year Mother Nature was very kind and there was snow. Lots of snow! We had planned to leave on Dec 28 and drive straight there but after chatting it over we decided to leave on the 27th and drive about halfway to Lubbock and stay the night. Since we got to Lubbock around 4pm we checked in the hotel and then went bowling. 

It was fun and a nice way to pass the time. We grabbed dinner at a local Italian hotspot then headed back to the hotel to sleep and get ready for the drive the next day.


We woke up early, grabbed breakfast and hit the road. A huge snowstorm had blown in and  hit New Mexico pretty much where we were going to be driving so I was a little nervous about our driving conditions. Last year when we drove into New Mexico we drove in where there wasn't a welcoming sign. This year we got lucky. Being the crazy mom I am we stopped and took a picture in the freezing cold weather.

Hello New Mexico...happy to see you

We hopped back in the car and started what ended up being a really long and crazy drive in the snow.

Highway in NM

Obligatory snow pics at a gas station

Interstate 40

As we got closer we were pretty confident about getting into Angel Fire. Apple Maps showed us a way that was about 30 minutes shorter. I was a little nervous that shorter didn't exactly mean better driving conditions and well my suspicions were correct. We were on the WORST roads. There was so much snow and it was snowing so hard. The roads were so narrow and some it felt like we were driving straight up the side of a mountain. There were times we were sliding, our brakes froze was so stressful. At about 5 miles away from Angel Fire we were going up a side when a cop was stopped in the middle of the road telling people who didn't have 4 wheel drive to turn around. Well once we stopped we couldn't get going again. We were stuck and our brakes were frozen so if we tried to go backwards we just started sliding. Y'all, I was not feeling so good about this. I was pretty scared about what could happen. Thankfully a family stopped and towed us to the top. He said there was only one more hill to get over and if we made it over that one we were golden. I'm so thankful what an amazing driver my husband. We made it over the next hill and cruised into Angel Fire. I've never been so thankful in my whole life. It was a crazy day and an even crazier start to our trip but once we were there all was forgotten. We stayed in a different room this year and it was perfect. We unpacked our things, started a fire, enjoyed the views, had a few adult beverages to calm our nerves and got ready for a day of skiing ahead of us.

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