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Friday, December 7, 2018

1. Happy Advent friends!

Our Sunday best pic from last week

2. Tuesday we celebrated the feast of St. Barbara by building gingerbread houses. As I have said in the past this is not by fav Advent activity but the kids love it so I make do. By incorporating a saint it makes it doable for me ;) We were going to do them this weekend but I was feeling super nice Tuesday afternoon and thought why not just knock this out today. They were very excited when I picked them up from school and said I had a surprise activity. I felt like liturgical mom of the year when I asked the kids what activity we were doing and why on the way home and Asher excitedly announced "making gingerbread houses for St. Barbara." Score one for mom. Sometime...just sometimes they actually are listening.

3. I got see my adorable sweet little niece this week. 

Being an aunt is the best. All the goodness and none of the stress.

4. St. Nicholas made a stop by and left some goodies.

Amelia got the St. Kateri Shining Light doll and the boys each got a new ornament for the tree. All 3 also got a bag of chocolate gold coins. As usual we read the story of him and talked about the tradition.

5. Aiden has a holiday craft fair today and was a busy bee last week making sugar scrubs to sell. He was so cute working so hard to make sure they look good. All the proceeds go to a big overnight volunteer working trip he will take next year.

After the fair ends the school is having a showing of the Polar Express so we will stay for that. Will be a busy and late evening but should be fun.

6. Tomorrow we are doing a service project...birthday in a bag to give to the local food pantry. We will fill bags with all the supplies a family would need for a little birthday party they can pick up when they get their weekly food. Then we will go see the Crimes at Grindewald (SO.SUPER.EXCITED), then stop by to see Santa. Will be a busy day. Then my friends and I are getting together for our annual gift exchange and moms night. Looking forward to a nice Saturday. Sunday will be Mass then making candles for the feast of St. Ambrose (which is today) and hopefully getting all our outdoor decorations up. Fingers crossed for nice weather.

7. I've been working through my Bearing Light Advent devotional and came across this quote that has really stuck with me.

"Do nothing from selfishness or conceit, but in humility count others better than yourselves."
Philippians 2:3

Shannon Evans also wrote 
"Our mandate as Christians is not to obsessively try to be humble by constantly diminishing ourselves, but instead to be so focused on Christ and our fellow humans that we do not consider our own image at all."

This is a lesson that I am trying to teach my kids and myself.

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