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Friday, December 14, 2018

1. Can you believe Christmas is almost here??? I seriously cannot. We are finishing things up with the kids school and after school activities and life feels like a mad dash to a finish line right now. I think once they are out next Wednesday we will all sigh a sigh of relief and slow down and prepare for Christmas Day.

2. Y'all...I've been so proud of myself this Advent. I have actually stuck to it and celebrated the feast days that I had originally planned. It's been fun...busy but fun. The other night while we ate dinner Cameron told the kids they had no idea how lucky they were to have a mom who went all out to teach them new things and man that made me so happy. Who doesn't love to feel validated :) Wednesday we celebrated our Lady of Guadalupe. This is a huge holiday here in Texas. We had tacos for dinner...lite our Virgin de Guadalupe candle and listened to the Coco soundtrack. I read the story of Juan Diego and Mary appearing to him and overall it was a successful celebration! 

3. The boys had ugly holiday sweater day at school this week.

4. Thursday we celebrated St. Lucy day. I took Amelia to IKEA Wednesday after school to pick up some Swedish food supplies and just happened to see these crowns they had made at a kid craft day. I asked if we could have one and they were so nice to let us! So Amelia had her very own candle crown to wear.

We made cinnamon buns in lieu of St. Lucy buns and ate them Thursday morning for breakfast while ready the story of St. Lucy.

I use this recipe. While it takes a little while to make it's so worth it! They are delicious!

5. Aiden had his first ever band concert last night and it was so great! He plays the trumpet and has really enjoyed this year. We are so proud of him and look forward to many more years of concerts.

6. We also saw Santa last weekend! This was the first time we had ever seen this particular Santa and he was quite hilarious 🤣 

When the boys told him their lists he said "whoah whoah slow down." It was great! We also went to see Crimes of Grindewald which we enjoyed. We always always take a pic at the theater but it was so freezing cold (in the 40s which is COLD for us Texans) we didn't.

7. And I almost forgot, Aiden had his big Holiday Bazaar sale last Friday to help raise money for a field trip next year.

He was a great salesman and ended up selling all his product. Overall it was a great success and lots of families from the school came to support the 7th graders.

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