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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Advent and Christmas seasons are right around the corner. This time of year is one of my favorites! It use to be my favorite but the older I get the more I enjoy every season. However, this is probably close to the top.

Since we have had kids, we have always put up our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Then slowly we start to put out the other decorations around the house. I know some people wait until closer to Christmas but putting out the decorations brings such joy to me and my kids that the sooner the better ;) I did decide this year to wait until after Thanksgiving to get the tree up so there's that :)

Some of my favorite decorations are pictures of the kids with Santa. I love putting these out and looking back at them all season long. So many years have passed and seeing them grow older is a blessing. I'm so thankful for their lives.

I've also started to collect nativities. I started with toy ones for the kids to play with. Then I made the stocking holders a few years ago that display the nativity scene. 

Recently I've bought a couple of new ones...even one on vacation last year in New Mexico. 

And this adorable little peg set from Target this year. I look forward to collecting many more sets.

Another favorite of mine is the ornaments we collect while on vacation. I try to pick one up in every town we stop in and by now the kids know the drill. We will go in a gift shop and they immediately start looking for a new ornament. This year my favorite one we picked up was from Mount Vernon.

2 years ago we started the Jesse Tree tradition and having an Advent wreath. My kids enjoy taking turns lighting the candles on the wreath and praying the St. Andrew novena.

Growing up we never really celebrated Advent different from Christmas and that's something that we have decided to do with our family. I believe you can celebrate Advent with Christmas decorations up :)

Little by little, year by year the decoration evolve into something even more joyful and beautiful then I could imagine. I love sitting in the living room with a fire going and the glow of the Christmas tree on cold December evenings. It's so peaceful, so HYGGE!

What's your favorite Advent or Christmas decorations?

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