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Monday, October 15, 2018

Last week was fall break over in our neck of the woods. What's fall you break you might ask? It's a week vacation in October. It's the best. Really.

We all love this week sabbatical from school and our regular busy schedule. One year we went to Disney. Another year San Fransisco. But mostly we stay home and enjoy doing things around town while all the other schools are in session. Like I said, it's the best :)

This year, unfortunately we had a couple of sick days. Other then that it was a great week.

To start the week off we saw House with a Clock in the Walls

For the most part it was good despite a few really weird twists and turns. It got us in the Halloween spirit. Then we went pottery painting.

Amelia painted a unicorn, Asher a pineapple jar, Aiden a Hogwarts butterbeer mug and I painted something I've been wanting to for years...a Thanksgiving platter with the kids hand prints on it. 

We spent almost 3 hours painting! It was a great afternoon and I cannot wait to pick up our goodies a week.

And of course we had to hit up our favorite fall spot...Sweet Berry Farms

This year we had some friends join us.

We got lucky with some beautiful fall weather. It was a little cool but sunny. It's quite amazing that we are getting such nice weather in Texas this time of year. Usually it's unbearably hot. 

To end the week we went to see Smallfoot. I asked each of the kids at the beginning of the week what they wanted to do and this was at the top of Amelia's list.

As usual the movies that I dread to see end of being good and this one was no exception. It wasn't great but I did enjoy it. It also made me so excited for all the new movies that are coming out! It's going to be a busy movie holiday season for us!

It was a great week and this was the first time in a long time that I wasn't bummed that we didn't go anywhere. Not only did we have fun adventures I also got a lot done in the house. I organized all the kids closets and their winter clothes. We made an appointment and got all the kids passports. We put out all the Halloween decorations and I enlisted the kids help in redoing the front porch. And surprise surprise, we took our Christmas card picture and I made and ordered the cards. I really want to be able to enjoy Advent this year so staying on top of things now is going to make that successful :)

Happy Fall Y'all!

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