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Friday, September 14, 2018

1. This was a week of birthdays in our house! Tuesday was Amelia's, Wednesday was our family party and Thursday was Cameron's. 

We had fun celebrating two of our favorite people 😃

2. I finally finished our summer vacation story. Life just gets busy and sometime things get put of the back burner and this was one of those things. Typing these stories out are so important to me for us to be able to go back and look on so even though it was a month later. If you are so inclined to read here ya go...

3. I have way too many books on my nightstand and unfortunately not too much time to read. But I'm giving it my best. I'm almost done with Martha Washington: An American Life and have loved it. If you read my day 8 vacation story, we went to Mount Vernon and I left there wanting to learn more about the Washingtons. I love the women of the American Revolution and this book has just deepened that love. My next will be one on Abagail Adams. After this one I'm picking up The Grace of Enough by Haley Stewart. I've enjoyed her blog and podcast for years so I'm anxious to start reading this one.

4. I listened to a podcast last week all about fall fashion. While I love fashion and clothes, listening to a podcast about it is so not like me. However I really enjoyed it and it inspired me to clean out my closet and to finally get rid of the clothes I never wear. I then bought a few new pieces that I'm loving. I've also given in to the high waist jeans trend and honestly I have no idea why we ever wore low waisted jeans. These are so cute and comfortable. I also grabbed a blush cardigan from the A New Day brand at Target that will probably be my favorite and a couple of flora blouses from Old Navy.

5. Speaking of cleaning out closets, I've been prepping all my items for the local JBF sale. Last year was my first year selling and this is my first year pricing, selling and working it. I'm really hoping a make a good profit because I have a secret really fun idea for Aiden's 13th birthday in February!

6. We are deep into sports season over here. Aiden is running cross country at the school and we have races almost every weekend. Last week was cancelled due to rain and I'm really hoping that this week isn't the same story. He is also back to bowling in a league which takes up Saturday mornings. Asher's baseball season has started again and they got 1st place in their first tournament. They have another one this weekend and I'm hoping they play as good as they did last weekend. Amelia is doing dance for the 4th year. I am SO happy she loves dance and keeps wanting to do it because I won't heart would be a little broken if she didn't ;) 

7. Photo dump time!

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