kirchoff travel diaries day 8: mount vernon

Monday, September 10, 2018

Our last day of our east coast vacation had arrived. We were all pretty tired but honestly I'm not sure that we were completely ready to go home. Aiden wasn't at all but the other 4 of us were feeling a little home sick. Our fight was in the evening and our goal for the day was to see Mount Vernon. So we packed up and headed that way. The drive was gorgeous! The weather was a little overcast so it wasn't as hot as it had been the previous days which was really nice. Once we got to Mount Vernon we checked in and got our badges. And posed for a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Washington.

The grounds at Mount Vernon are amazing. Everything is so beautiful and meticulously kept. On the tour we learned that George Washington took so much pride in his land and they have continued to keep that up in his memory. Every morning he would ride around his entire property to make sure everything was okay. The grass on his front lawn he had planted. Most of the trees he also had planted. Literally being where history was made was special. All of us thoroughly enjoyed this tour.

Once in the house you are not allowed to take pictures. We got to see the living areas, dining room, hallways, stairways and bedrooms. They still have his and Martha's bedroom just the way it was when they lived there down to the bed he passed away in. We got to see his private office that not many people were every allowed in. After he passed away, Martha burned all his letters that they wrote to each other over the years to respect their own privacy. After we left I was so intrigued by their relationship I've been reading books on them. They were quite amazing people.

Their back porch view

Believed to be the oldest tree on the property.

After we left the house we went to the kitchen.

Then it was down to the basement. We had purchased an additional tour called the "National Treasure" tour. It was from the second National Treasure movie that was filmed at Mount Vernon. This meant we got to go to a couple of places that the movie was filmed...the basement and the ice house.

After the basement we went down to the ice house

George and Martha loved ice cream. It wasn't the type of ice cream we are accustomed to, it was more of just a cold dessert. They would take things from their garden to make different flavors. One they both loved was Asparagus flavored. In the winter the Potomac would freeze over and the workers would go down and chip away at it and fill this Ice house full of ice. They said one summer it lasted all the way to August without melting. 

After the tour was over we continued to walk around. 

When he first passed away they didn't have an official tomb to put him in so they built this for him.

His body stayed here until an larger space for him and Martha to be was built. We walked over there and happened to come upon a ceremony where they were raising the flag and honoring an Air Force Member. It was very cool. One of the members played Taps on the trumpet and I got so teary! It just felt special to be there.

We then walked down to the Potomac so the kids could feel the water. They think it's so funny how all the water was cold compared to back home where most water is warm.

We hopped on a shuttle back to the top, stopped by the gift shop for our ornament that we always buy on vacation, grabbed lunch at the cafeteria, took one last picture

and headed for the airport. I was adamant about not being late for this flight. We arrived 2 hours early and guess what...our flight was delayed 2 hours because of bad weather. I mean seriously! So after 4 hours sitting in an airport we finally boarded. Because of all this bad weather they had to take a different flight path home so not only were we 2 hours behind but our flight was an extra hour long. To say we were ready to be home at this point would be an understatement. We did make it home and all crashed. We were so exhausted but it was a good exhausted. Another family adventure in the books!

Thanks for all the love East Coast!

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