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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Last week was a big one!



6th Grade

7th Grade

The kids started back Wednesday and while we did have a few bumps in the road with our newly kinder student, the week was pretty great! After a rough Thursday she got in the car yesterday SO excited and declared she loved Kindergarten. 


To celebrate back to school we had our annual Back To School Feast Tuesday evening.

Our theme for the year is 

"Preach by actions more then by words"
~St. Joseph of Cupertino

No lie, this is something we already tell our kids all.the.time. When I was planning our dinner and googled quotes by saints, when I saw this I immediately knew it was perfect. 

Our star style was inspired by our summer east coast vacation. We were so immersed in our American history while on vacation, when we got back it felt so fitting to take that inspiration into our school year.

As always the kids got a few special presents from us. The boys got planners from Plum Paper, Amelia got a few new books and they each got a Tiny Saints keychain to hang on their bags. I chose Saint Sebastian for Asher (patron saint of athletes), Saint Christopher for Aiden (patron saint of swimmers) and Saint Genevieve for Amelia (patron saint of girls). Every year we hang these on their backpack so their saints are with them all year. 

It was a great dinner and we sat and talked about all the kids goals for the year. Asher has recently become interested in baking so he spent hours making a special dessert for the dinner. 

A pizza cake! 

Cameron and I were so proud of him. This cake not only was beautiful but delicious. 

After dinner we had a very special surprise...our new little family member arrived!

Meet Katie Lynn

Our new cousin and niece. It was so much fun going to the hospital to meet her. She is the sweetest.

And if all that wasn't enough excitement, Cameron and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary Friday! 

Babies...we were babies

Being that we have all the kids in school now we decided to plan a day date. No pics...sorry! I scheduled us a couples massage in the mid morning which was amazing! We left feeling so relaxed. Then we stopped by a very fun restaurant in Austin, Culinary Dropout and had an amazing lunch. Then walked around and did a little shopping. After we had enough of that we still had a few hours to spare so we drove around our town looking at land for sale. We've decided that in the next couple of years we want to buy some land for our family. Then we picked the kids up and headed home. It was a perfect day with my main squeeze.

And now it's the weekend where we will all recharge and gear up for our full week of school.

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