{SQT} summer wrap up

Friday, August 3, 2018

1. We are at the end of our summer. Next Wednesday my kiddos go back to school. All of them. At the same school. This has NEVER happened and honestly I don't know what to do with myself. I'm excited and a little sad but mostly hopeful for a fun new year with each of my kids getting older. Usually at this point I'm ready for school to start and while that part of me still loves the start of a new school year, this year feels different. I'm not really that ready for them to go back. This summer has been wonderful! I've really enjoyed having them at home. We must move on though.

2. I've been busy this week trying to squeeze in last minute appointments, getting last minute supplies and uniforms for school and overall just trying to prepare myself the best I can for next week. This is my first year using the Blessed is She planner and I am loving it! 

It's so beautiful and big which is what I need. It really fits all of my needs with spaces for To do lists, a timely breakdown plus is includes saints feast days. This was a huge draw to me because while we don't go all out on all the saints days I do love to read a story about them at dinner. Or while driving...whatever is most convenient that day. While on my girls trip back here we stopped by the Erin Condren store where I bought the Planny Pack. I am loving it! It holds my pens and some stickers and then wraps around my planner. Every planner lady needs one :)

3. I blogged day 3 of our East Coast vaca yesterday
Find it here
These posts take so much time because I love to try include as much as I can. We love going back and reading about our vacations so as much as I love sharing with everyone they really are so much for us. 

4. We are trying our best to squeeze the last bit out of summer that we can. We've spent the last 2 weeks out and about doing as much as we can! One day the high was 109 so we decided to hit up the water park for the last time this summer.

It was the perfect day to spend in the water.

5. Amelia and I had a special day date with some friends at the local painting place.

This was the first time she has ever done anything like this and I was so worried it was just going to make her mad but to my surprise it didn't!

We ended up having the best time and hung our pictures in her room right by her bed where she can see them at night.

6. We also spent a day in Austin. First stop was a trampoline place with friends. Then we went to Luby's for lunch. Luby's is my FAV and we use to always go there when I was a kid after church on Sunday's. Cameron hates Luby's so anytime the kids and I are in Austin we go eat there 😉 After Luby's we went to a nice shopping area and ate at Amy's Ice Cream, a local Austin hot spot.

Then walked down to lay on some cows because that's what you do. I've been doing this since I was about Amelia's age :)

7. And finally we have been filling in all the in between moments with movies. 


concerts with friends

and getting ready for back to school.

How is she old enough for kinder???!!!

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