kirchoff travel diaries day 5: baltimore

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

After the crazy day before, we woke up well rested and ready to see Baltimore. Our first stop was the National Aquarium. For the record we are not aquarium people at all however, many people recommended this one so I figured we had to go. Thankfully it did not disappoint and we all loved it. 

We watched a 4D movie and a dolphin show

After the aquarium we walked around the Inner Harbor and checked out a few things.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a restaurant/brewery for lunch. 

After lunch, only a few blocks from our hotel was the Babe Ruth Birth House and Museum.

Thought this was VV cool

Babe Ruth was born in his grandparent's home which was a row house. Someone bought that house plus the 3 around it and created the museum but the house that was part of Babe's family, they left rooms intact the way they and all.

The bed where he was born.

This museum was so nicely done and was great to walk through.

Afterward, we went back to the hotel, rested for a couple of minutes, changed and walked across the street to Camden Yards for a baseball game.

Once we got in we went straight for the home run seats to watch batting practice and maybe get a ball.

Then we walked around, grabbed some souvenirs, a few beers and some local food. 

Soft shell crab sandwich. It was actually really good.

Around this time Aiden started complaining that his stomach hurt. We got him some water and then went to our seats. 

The game started and he still wasn't feeling well so I walked to the back with him so he could get some fresh air. Long story short, he ended up getting sick and throwing up on the stairs at Camden Yards. Poor Aiden! He was so embarrassed but all the people that worked there were so incredibly nice! They gave him water and acted like it was no big deal. This meant the world to us. Me, him and Amelia ended up leaving and going back to the hotel room in case he was really sick. Lucky for us it was a one time thing and he pretty much immediately felt better. Cameron and Asher stayed at the game and watched the Rangers loose...again. It didn't really matter though, it was a fun day (despite the sickness) and what stood out to me the most during the day was how nice all the people we encountered in Baltimore were. I think out of all the places we have traveled, these were by far the nicest people. Thanks Baltimore.

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