kirchoff travel diaries day 4: Exhausted in DC

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

So we ended our last story landing in Baltimore. We landed around 10:20pm which was earlier then expected so we were thrilled! We hoped the bus to the rent a car place only to end of staying there for 2 hours because they did not have the car we reserved. To say I was mad was the understatement of the century! Then once we FINALLY got a car they brought us out a baby carrier for the car seat we reserved. I mean really?! We finally got it straightened out and were on our way to the hotel. Once at the hotel I was completely blown away by how nice the people were. I mean the best customer service we have ever had. We made it to our room and pretty much got in bed being that it was 1:30am and we were suppose to be in DC in the morning for our 7:30am tour of the White House. So only a few hours later our alarm went off, we very tiredly got dressed, grabbed some coffee and headed for DC. The kids fell back asleep as soon as got in the car and the drive was rather peaceful. We left the hotel at 5:30 just to make sure that we wouldn't hit any traffic being that it was a Friday morning. WE arrived in DC around 6:45am, found some parking and breakfast and made our way over to stand in line for our White House tour.

Still very sleepy

At this point I am feeling like we made, it's going to be a great day only to get to the front of line, show the lady our tickets and be informed that our tour wasn't at 7:30am but its at 8:30am and she cannot let us in until then. I seriously almost started crying right there in the streets of DC. I was so upset, exhausted and emotionally drained from the drama of the night before. So we walked across the street to the White House information center, found a bench and all laid down. 45 min later we walked back to where we were before and she let us in a little early. Then we proceeded to stand in 5 different lines of security before finally making it to the White House. 

The tour was pretty great and I have to say it was definitely worth all the insaneness that surrounded it.

President's Theater

Lincoln's China

The portraits were gorgeous

John and Abagail Adam's coffee urn

We got a glimpse of the West Wing walking out.

Don't you love it when you ask someone to take a family pic and it turns out like this??

Aiden is like the ghost of our family 😂

After the tour we walked around the block to get a glimpse of the other side of it. Right next door is the Eisenhower Building which is where the Vice President has his office.

On our way to the front we saw the National Christmas Tree.

There she is! The kids thought it was so funny they were watering. They were really tired so anything was entertaining at this point.

After the tour and walking we were ready for lunch. The was only 10am. Amelia was already breaking down and at this point I really wished we had a stroller. To kill time we decided to try out a couple of different stores to see if we could find a stroller. After 4 failed attempts we looked on google maps and saw a Walmart about 2 miles away. So Cameron ran over there while the kids and I sat in a Starbucks and waited for him. 30 minutes later and no work I text him to find out that wasn't a Walmart and he went another 2 miles and they didn't even have a stroller. Does anyone have kids in DC???? At this point we gave up on the stroller idea and we decided that the kids and I would go to The Hamilton and get a table for lunch and he would run back. This restaurant was SO nice! He walks in about 15 min later all scratched up and dirty. Turns out while running he completely face planted on the middle of the road and hurt his thumb and his entire arm was scratched up. I was so upset, the boys were so concerned but Amelia...she just looked at him and said "Daddy, I don't even need a stroller." 😜 We all just cracked up laughing. She is out of control!

After an amazing lunch, a few delicious drinks we were off again. One thing I was not expecting was how insanely hot DC is. We were dying!!!! We decided to hit up at least one museum while we were there before heading back to Baltimore. WE chose the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. One thing I did love about DC was how all the museums were free!

We walked through half awake.

It was fun, not as great as I had thought but it was fun. Most of all the kids enjoyed it. WE got back to the car and headed back to Baltimore. The kids slept most of the way back which again, was great. As we pulled in I found an Italian food restaurant with great reviews in Baltimore. If you are ever there check it out. The food was amazing! After dinner we went back to the room, showered and Cameron and I fell asleep around 8:30pm. I gave the kids a 9pm bedtime and Aiden put them to sleep for us. 

I have to say that there were SO many moments of this day that could have ruined it for us. The main thing we did was just go with it. When things are going nuts on vacation instead of getting all caught up in the best thing to do is just go with it. It will get better if you brush it off. Promise :)

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