kirchoff travel diaries: day 3 cape cod

Thursday, August 2, 2018

After a very late night at the ball park, we all took our time waking up and getting moving. We had a lot on our to do list for the day being that it was the last one in Boston. First thing was to pack up, clean the room and get the car loaded. Then we walked through the neighborhood and across the harbor to see Bunker Hill.

This walk was gorgeous! We found a cute breakfast restaurant on our way and stopped in for some food. Amelia insisted on taking pictures of these birds because "they were so adorable!"

The walk to Bunker Hill was just gorgeous. The weather was so nice and cool and the neighborhood surrounding it were quaint and picture perfect.

Cute little Mary garden behind a Catholic school we stumbled upon.

Bunker Hill Monument

Our next stop was TD Garden and the New England Sports Museum. This was a LONG walk. I really can't believe how great the kids did...especially Amelia with no stroller. Such a trooper! 

Once there we ended up being the only people for the tour so pretty much we got a private tour. They took us up to the suites floor of the stadium where we got to look down on it. 

Then walked around the halls at all the sports memorabilia.

Ted Williams locker from Fenway

The football used in the first college football game

Shaq's shoes

Old parquet floor that Larry Bird played on

We stopped by the gift shop to browse and tried on some bear claws.

Then off we went back to the car. As for our itinerary I had only planned on going to TD Garden and then finding a Wahlburgers to eat at. I wanted to keep the day open in case something else came up that we would want to do. Our flight didn't leave to 8:55 so we had the entire day. Cameron had talked about driving down to Cape Cod and letting the kids put their feet in the Atlantic Ocean and while I was a little nervous on time (which was with good reason as you will see later) I was all for it! So we loaded up and headed down south. Our first stop was the original Wahlburgers in Hingham.

Cam and I watched the show years ago when it first came on TV and always said if we were in the area would check one out. Man it did not disappoint. We agreed in the top 5 burgers we've ever had. After lunch we got back in the car and headed to Plymouth to see Plymouth Rock. The drive from Hingham to Plymouth was picturesque. I just couldn't get enough of all the cute little houses.

Once in Plymouth we parked and walked along the coast to see the rock. Plymouth was gorgeous! I would love to go back and make a trip out of coastal town in MA. 

And there she is!

There's a huge monument around the rock.

Afterward we walked across the street to this beautiful fountain in memory of all the women on the Mayflower. It talked about how hard it was to be a mom of the Mayflower and how all their hard work and dedication once landing is the reason we are all here. Very cool.

And of course we couldn't leave the place where the first Thanksgiving was without a picture in a turkey hat. 

We ran down to the water to wade around. Almost to the Atlantic!

We hopped back in the car and continued on to Cape Cod!

This drive was LONG. Once you get to a certain point it only goes down to one lane and it moves along slow. At this point I was beginning to worry about our time and making it back for our flight. But Cam assured that we were doing good and would make it.

After a few wrong turns thanks to Siri we finally made it to Cape Cod National Park!

The kids literally ripped their shoes off and ran to the water. I had encouraged them to put their swimsuits on in the car just in case they wanted to get in the water. Aiden was the only taker and Asher insisted that he wasn't going to get wet. 

Well that didn't last long 😂 Before long we were all wet. The water was freezing! I had been to the Atlantic before but it was a first for Cam and the kids. 

They were so cute. This was by far my favorite moment on the trip. So much more then I could have imagined. 

After about 45 minutes of splashing and yelling we had to pack up and head back to Boston. This was perfect timing as a man had told us he saw a couple of sharks pretty shallow swimming around. There were sea lions swimming around and he said where there are sea lions there are sharks. So out of the water we went, washed off and headed back to Boston.

Our time was running low and of course, just in Kirchoff fashion, we got stuck in traffic. Dead stop traffic on the one lane road. Once we got through Cam sped up to try and get us there on time only to get stuck in the worst traffic we have ever been (even worse then this) in a tunnel only about 5 miles away from the airport. 

At this point I was sure we were going to miss our flight. We only had about an hour to take off and still had to return the rent car. Y'all this happens to us ALL.THE.TIME. You would think at some point we would learn our lesson but no. I cannot tell you how many times we are late to the airport or running late. We joke that this kids are going to grow up and laugh about all the times their parents had to race to the airport 😂😂 The good news is we have never missed a flight. And this time was no different. By some miracle we made it there as soon as they were boarding. We said our goodbye's to Boston and headed towards Baltimore where we had the worst experience at a rent car place ever! I will not go into details but even though we had reserved a car online they did not have one for us. We ended up staying at the rent car place for 2 hours before getting a car which put us in out hotel room at 1:00am. More on all that later...

This day (aside from the almost missing the fight and rent car experience) was our absolute best day on vacation. I loved driving around and seeing all parts of MA. We fell in love with Massachusetts and as we were flying off vowed to come back and see more. The people were great, the weather amazing and all the history was just so special. Massachusetts you will always have a piece of our heart.

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