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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Linking up with Kelly!

1. Is it just me or is summer flying by???? We leave next week for a big trip then once we get back we only have 25 days until school starts. Holy moly! Right now I feel a little sad about that but it never fails...once school time rolls around I am always ready. This year I vowed not to do anything school related until after our trip and so far I've stuck to that. I do however need to order things for our back to school dinner so I don't feel overwhelmed once we are back from vaca.

2. Speaking of vaca...I haven't even packed yet. ANDDDDDD we are only taking carry ons. I think part of me just doesn't want to deal with all that but being that we leave in 3 days I kind of need to get on it. And fast...

3. Even though summer has been going fast, it's been great! Last weekend I headed into Austin to celebrate a weekend with the girls and help another one ring in their 40th. 

The weekend was so much fun and much needed. Shopping, laughing, eating, drinking, more shopping, more soul was so full when we came home. It was perfect 😊 

4. For the 4th we kept it pretty low key. Cam played golf in the morning and I took the kids to the local park festival. It was fun, extremely hot but fun.

After all that sweaty fun we picked up Cam and headed to the movies. I have to say the 4th is a good day to see a movie. Surprisingly not too many people there. After we left the movie it was pouring down rain! That is not to common in July in Texas. We decided on Mexican food for dinner and then the kids decided they didn't care to stay up for fireworks so we headed home. It was a perfect 4th.

5. Thursday I signed the boys up for a painting class and Amelia and I went next door to an indoor play place.

She had me climbing through all kinds of crazy tunnels. I swear I almost got stuck in one of them 😅 It was a close one.

6. I'm so excited because I found this PERFECT sign on Etsy for my laundry room and ordered it.

I've been wanting to spruce up the space and rearrange a few things so I'm stocked to get this.

7. Finally my garden has been pretty good this year. Not the best harvest I've ever had and I've decided that after the kids start school to really revamp it and work harder at producing more. I have had plenty of tomatoes and jalapeños which means homemade pico!

So delicious and in Texas, we put this on everything! 


  1. Oh my goodness, pico is the BEST! I have never liked salsa, but I love pico. I only recently learned that salsa is basically partially-cooked pico, so I guess I prefer the ingredients fresh. I'm stopping by from 7QT, but I wouldn't be surprised if we have a social connection somewhere---I spent seven years in Austin.

    1. Pico is the best! And I'm sure we do have some social connection somewhere. I've been in the Austin area my whole life! Thanks for stopping by :)


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