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Friday, June 22, 2018

When my kids were little I really disliked summer. The sun was brighter, which made nap time more difficult. The days were longer, which made bedtime more difficult. It was so HOT! Here in Texas summer can feel long and very brutal at times especially with little kids. Park visits were few and far between and had to be really early in the morning. Plus all the schools were out so there were tons of big kids everywhere. It's so funny how perspectives change. Now I love summer. I look forward to having my kids home with me all the time. I love not having a schedule and I love late nights with them. On the super hot days I love swimming a bit then coming inside, cranking up the AC, closing the blinds and watching a movie with dry clothes on and our recently sun and water soaked skin resting. I just love it all ๐Ÿ˜Š

Our first couple of weeks of summer were everything I wanted them to be. The first week was being lazy, sleeping in, watching movies and swimming. It was perfect!

I picked lots of yummies from the garden

And at the end of the week threw my sister and soon to be niece a baby shower!

The second week started with tennis camp at our local high school for the boys. This is their favorite camp and ask every year to do it. Our theme for the summer was to just BE. I scheduled very few things and our plan was just to go when and where we wanted. The mistake I have made in the past is over scheduling summer and by the time it ends, it feels like it flew by. This year I plan to take back summer!

Anyway...back to camp...

Milly loved watching her brothers. She also really loved the free snow cones after camp ๐Ÿ˜‰

We met up with friends at a local park after camp one day and decided to have more snow cones. I mean, its summer y'all!

We also made a little stop to our favorite local donut shop for a world famous donut before a trip to the library.

We hit up a local water park for a day of water and sun fun.

The third week of summer was busy! I decided to put my new Magnolia Table cookbook to good use and made homemade biscuits for lunch one day.

And cinnamon rolls another day for breakfast. Another thing I love about summer...easy meals!

After another trip to the library we met up with friends for ice cream and cooling off in a splash pad.

Seeing the new Incredibles 2 was at the top of our list so of course we had to go!

It was so good. All of us really enjoyed it.

Aiden and I have been running every morning since he signed up for the cross country team. I absolutely love running with him however my knees feel differently. It's been a rough transition but thankfully it's getting easier on my old body.

This week was a big one for our little dancer as it was her big recital! I know I say this every year but man is she adorable. She is the best dancer and I just love watching her.

And the week ended celebrating our Dad's.

I might be a little partial but I think we have the best Dad's ๐Ÿ˜Š

Finally...I'm all caught up on what's been going on! Annnnnd linking up with Kelly ๐Ÿ‘

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