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Friday, June 29, 2018

Cameron and I are back from our 5 day vaca to Banff Canada and let me tell was wonderful! This was my first time to Canada and of course it didn't disappoint. The people were SO nice. The weather was AMAZING. Overall it was a perfect little vacation for me and my honey. Just like the last 2 years, this was an incentive trip that Cameron qualified for from one of the insurance companies he sells for. I was a little excited that we were not flying overseas this year and would only be one time zone away from home. That made the trip pretty easy. PLUS, we got to fly first class on the trip there. Ummm...yeah...I might just be spoiled. It really is as nice as they say 😏

On the flight there we flew over a storm.

We landed in Calgary, then had to ride a two hour shuttle to Banff.

Once at the hotel we checked into our room and oh em gee...look at our view!

We hit the jackpot. I could get use to looking at this everyday. After awing over the view, we took a nap then got dressed for the welcoming dinner.

At the dinner they had owls and a bald eagle on show.

The owls were rescue animals that they find, mend then set free. Oh they were soooo cute! 

The next day, Cameron and I walked from the resort down to the town for some sightseeing and shopping.

Banff was a beautiful town. It was so clean, the building were so cute, it was almost like we were in a fake town. We found an interesting museum that's been there since the 1920s. It was full of the local wildlife but they were all stuffed. A man (sorry can't remember his name) would hike the area in the late 1800s early 1900s and find dead wildlife then taxidermy them. Once his collection was big enough he made a museum. Like I said...interesting 😉

After eating and shopping we took a long walk along the Bow River back to our hotel. Is was cold and then started raining on us. We didn't mind though considering back home it was 101.

Our hotel

That night we drove into the woods to a BBQ/Bonfire dinner. On the way we saw some Elk just chillin on the side of the road.

Our third day in Canada, Cameron played golf and I hit up the spa. It was so nice and much needed.

Cameron text me during the day with this almost hole in one.

We had another company dinner that night but I have no pics

Our last day we went on a Banff sightseeing tour. It started off with a 7500ft gondola ride.

The views at the top were amazing!

Then we ate lunch at a local restaurant and headed to Lake Minnewanka...lake of the spirits. The water was crystal clear! So so beautiful.

Once there we took a boat ride and were told all about the mountains, water and wildlife.

On the ride home we passed a Big horn sheep eating lunch

The wildlife is unreal! There was a group from our big group that saw a black bear and her cubs. I was dying to see a bear but never did.

After a long day of sightseeing some friends invited Cam to play 9 holes of golf and the wives to walk it with them and hang out. So off we went...

 Because the sun doesn't set until after 10pm the days are SO long. You can get a lot in a day.

It was actually really fun and a perfect way to end our vacation. The next day we were up early and headed home. Unfortunately we didn't get first class back which was a huge bummer. Banff is amazingly beautiful. We agreed that we will be back with the kids next time. We had so much fun and I always look forward to these trips as an excuse for Cam and I to get away with each other. Not sure how many more we will be blessed with but I will take them 😊

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  1. Oh.MY!!! How beautiful! Banff has been on my list since my husband rode his motorcycle from SC to the Arctic Circle with a couple of buddies of his. They stopped in Banff and Lake Louise. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. Hi Mary,
      Banff was amazing! I highly recommend traveling there. The people were some of the nicest I've ever encountered traveling. Such a wonderful trip. Thanks for the comment!


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