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Sunday, June 17, 2018

1. I think it is safe to say from looking back at past years, I don't blog in the spring. Well, at least not much anyway. Life is busy and the days go by too fast. Before I know it it's summer, which summer always allows more time to blog with it's slower pace. So without further ado I will be wrapping up our spring in one big QT! Get's long...

2.We finished up our dates with the kids which turned out to be one of my most favorite ideas I've come up with. My plan is to keep this up throughout the year because not only did the kids enjoy them but so did Cam and I.

Ash and Cam went to a UT baseball game and were on TV many MANY times.

Aiden and I spent an afternoon at Painting with a Twist painting a guitar inspired by the movie Coco...which we love!

And Cam and Aiden wrapped up the dates with a trip to ifly

3. Spring Break!

Took a day trip with the extended Fam to Waco to visit the Zoo and Magnolia

Went to see Peter Rabbit

Headed into Austin to Zilker Park and the Botanical Gardens

Played in a Super Smash Bros tournament at our local library

Went bouncing with friends

And hit up the local golf tournament to end the week

Sometimes the best vacations are just spent exploring and finding fun things to do in your area.

4. Easter Weekend!

We started off Easter weekend going to the Stations where the boys served. After that we headed over to a park to meet some friends.

Holy Saturday we woke up, dyed Easter eggs, then went into Austin to play putt putt at a local famous hot spot.

After a hot day of golf we headed over to our Jewish friends home to celebrate Passover with them.

We had such a lovely and fun evening and plan to make this a yearly long as they will have us ;)

Easter morning we were early risers since the boys were serving at the 9am mass. Of course they had to do a quick hunt for eggs as soon as they woke up.

Then off to Mass followed with lunch at my parents house.

5. In May we celebrate birthday. First was Asher's 11th

Followed a week later with Mother's Day and my 38th.

 A championship win on Mother's Day was not too shabby.

6. Another day trip to Waco and Disney on Ice.

This time when we went to Waco we visited the Dr. Pepper museum. I now know more then I ever could have imagined about Dr. Pepper ;) Plus the handcrafted soda at the end of the tour was definitely a highlight.

And we headed back to Magnolia and thankfully it was not as busy this time around as it had been during Spring Break.

And I know I said last year I wouldn't go back to Disney on Ice but what do you know...I did 

And it was fun. Amelia just loves it so much it's hard to say no :)

7. And to wrap up the spring all our kids had pretty big milestones.

Aiden won the Cum Laude award at school for keeping an A average all year. We are beyond proud of him and all his hard work!

Amelia graduated preschool

And Asher finished his elementary school career and will be moving onto middle school.

nothing like a creepy pano pick 😂

It's really hard to believe that I have a 7th and 6th grader AND a newly Kinder student. 

If you made it through all of that you should get a reward ;) Our spring was packed and I have to say we are currently really enjoying our summer. Hope everyone else is as well!

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