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Friday, March 2, 2018

1. Last Saturday, Cameron took Amelia on their Valentine's present date to see Daniel Tiger Live. Being that Cameron hates things like this it was pretty special that was the date he chose to take her on. And even more so that he wore different shoes like she asked him to ;)

She had read a book about a dad and daughter who went on a date and they were different shoes. She talked about it ALL week! Cameron almost had a heart attack no lie! He is SO ocd and this just about took it over the edge 😂 I was dying. It was so great.

As you can see they had the best time. 

2. Baseball practice started this week which overlaps with basketball which leads for many late nights. Plus both boys have big field trips today so come Saturday I imagine they are going to be exhausted.

3. I finished Stars of Fortune and grabbed up Shakespeare's Trollop by chance at the library. I'm only a couple of chapters in but so far it's good. The boys and I are still listening to Order of The Phoenix which has reminded me that this is my least favorite Harry Potter book. The anticipation of the next 2 is killing me!

4. We had a big first this week

someone lost her first tooth! Man did it come with some drama. She literally had a 30 min fit in the car before preschool Wednesday crying, yelling that no one loved her, why was she in our family, all because her tooth was super loose. I was just sitting there like what in the world is happening??!! Is this really how girls are? I was baffled. Of course she wasn't in school but about an hour her own words...

"I was doing awt and put my hand over my mouf and pop my toof fell out."

She was over the moon excited when I picked her up and her teachers said all she talked about all day was telling "the brothers." They were so excited for her I swear one of them had tears in his eyes. 
And, a couple of weeks ago Aiden lost his last tooth 😭 and decided to save it for when Amelia lost her tooth so they both could have the tooth fairy visit.

First tooth and last tooth. After two weeks of waiting he forgot to put it under his pillow. He left it in the bathroom and Asher almost threw it away this morning. Such is life 😉

5. The weather has finally perked up so tomorrow I plan on spending the day outside prepping my garden for planting. I need to plant onions and potatoes soon. I had so much fun growing these last year I plan to use one whole bed for potatoes. I tried garlic but could not get it to grow so I might try that again. Any other suggestions for spring?

6. I listened to this podcast and I have to say it's been a wee bit life changing. Since listening I have come to find out that I actually do like music and incorporating it into my life this week has been nice. I also finally learned how to use our Alexa after 2 years of having it. Me and technology most of the time just doesn't get along. Don't ever ask me my feelings on Siri...EVER! I feel so smart now and so fancy asking Alexa things :)

7. Lastly I have a question.
If you have known someone for about 4 have more like a working relationship not friendship but you see her every week, and all of a sudden out of nowhere you notice she is pregnant {or at least you think she is} do you say something? Or do you wait for her to say something? 😬

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  1. Bahaha, your husband is such a good sport! That last one is tough...if you don't really have a friendship, I would probably wait to say something until it was REALLY obvious. But that's kind of a bummer she hasn't just told you...

  2. #7 YOU NEVER SAY ANYTHING! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!! Snoop around for clues ("Hey, I see you're eating a lot of ginger candies right now. I loved those things when I was pregnant."), but never ask or make a comment. I'm pretty sure that doing so changes space and time so that the women is not pregnant...EVER.


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