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Saturday, February 17, 2018

1. Last Saturday Aiden had the bowling game of his life! He bowled 5 strikes in a row at the beginning of his third game at league which set him up to possibly bowl a perfect game.

with the owner of the alley. You get to wear a turkey hat when you bowl a turkey which he was very excited about ;)

People from all over the alley were coming over to watch him. To bowl 5 strikes in a row is hard...especially for a 12 year old who has only been bowling about a year and a half. He ended up not getting a strike on his 6th and his final score for that game was a 186. being that his average is a 93 a 186 is pretty amazing! It was an exciting Saturday :)

2. Since Valentine's Day fell on Ash Wednesday this year {or vice versa} we celebrated with the kids Monday evening. We gave them cards and in them described a date we had planned with each one. They were super excited! I took Milly on her date Friday to a "fancy" movie theater to watch Paddington 2

The movie was really cute and we had a great time. I have to say it was REALLY hard not getting candy since I gave up sweets for Lent but I did survive :) Excited about my dates with my boys in the coming weeks.

3. Obligatory Ash pics

Every year they get us really good so this year I planned on sitting on the side the priest would give the ashes. Well that plan didn't really work out...the priest didn't so Mass {since it wasn't a full mass} the deacon did. And let's just say he hit us hard. Asher and Amelia had ashes all over their noses. It was hard not to laugh and I had to do a little cleanup when we got back to the pew. Better luck next year!

4. We actually got lucky in that the kids school really doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. Aiden doesn't get to at all because he's in middle School and Asher's class, instead of usual Valentine's parties, does a service project. They raised money for an organization called Drops of Grace that raises money to build wells for countries that need clean water. Then each student brought a gallon of water and they spent an hour walking with the gallons of water to raise awareness of how far people have to walk for clean water. It's really cool and I'm proud of our school for forgoing parties for service projects. 
Amelia didn't have a party at her preschool but they did hand out Valentines. She was such a busy bee addressing each one the day before.

And of course looked adorable in her new dress the day of.

5. For Valentine's, my Valentine got me the best gift ever...

A new pair of slippers. I'm an easy to please girl :)

6. Amelia got a new leotard for dance last week and looked so cute!

7. Finally, we have been all about the Olympics! I just looooove me some Olympics. In my old age ;) I have come to really enjoy not only the wins of the athletes but the failures. I think it shows so much to kids that you can train your hardest, be the best you can be and still not win. And guess what...that's okay. It's okay to train and have a passion for something and still fail at it. Watching Lindsay Vonn lose her race last night or Nathan Chen not come quite close enough for a medal, those are the moments that define people. It's also fun watching Shawn White come back and win after a devastating loss at the last Olympics. All these stories are so inspiring and I think so important for kids to watch.

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Happy Weekend :)

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