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Saturday, February 24, 2018

1. Last Saturday was a wee bit insane. Along with our usual sports commitments Aiden had a school dance to go to. So we left basketball a little early {his team was ahead and we knew he was going to win...and it helps when Dad is the coach} and went to the dance. I love chaperoning his dances but what I love more is that he likes me there. Him and his friends were so silly dancing and having fun and then they would all come over and talk to me and "check up" on me to make sure I was having fun :) It was a fun evening!

Aiden and Jacob...the definition of framily

2. Last week I did a post here on how I keep up with my daily and weekly chores. Hopefully it can inspire you!

3. Currently I'm reading Stars of Fortune and am loving it! I'm almost done and plan on picking up Saintly Women of Modern Times next. I always take reading recommendations so let me know if you are reading something good!

4. My fav podcast lately has been The Simple Show. Their last two have been on how to use your earbuds and for someone who never really gave much thought to it, I really enjoyed it and was inspired to be more intentional about what I'm listening to. They introduced me to this podcast and I am obsessed! And then this song and I've had it on repeat in the car with the kids. It's so great and a little bit makes me tear up...just sayin.

5. The weather here has been so rainy and cold but honestly I kind of love it. The majority of the year here in Texas is insanely hot and dry so a little cold and rain is least in my opinion.

6. For Valentine's we gave the kids each a date and Asher and I went on ours last night! He was so cute and excited for your special time together. I found a new to us kind of fancy local nail salon for pedicures!

He also convinced me to let him get a manicure ;)

I'm telling you...this boy took full advantage of this time. He was laid back, using the massage chair, ordering was pretty cute. He said can we come back every week.

After pampering we stopped by Starbucks for some late night coffee.

It was a great Friday evening with my fav 10 year old.

7. Finally, I feel so sad that the Olympics are wrapping up. I have loved watching all the USA athletes go out there and give it their all. They are so inspiring and watching it with my boys has been great. I love them seeing the ups and downs and all the back stories. Only 4 more years until the summer ones :)

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