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Saturday, February 3, 2018

1. Last week was a wee bit insane over here and I am hoping the weekend will hep me recover...but I highly doubt that considering. I am currently sitting on the couch with my coffee, a fire and listening to 6 VERY loud kids upstairs building a fort and beating on a piano. That could only mean one thing...a sleepover happened over here.

2. Aiden turned 12 last week and we celebrated with a Friday sleepover.

Theses kids crack me up...they went from playing video games to working out in Cameron's shop and running laps around the yard at 10:30 at night. Hey I was just hoping all that working out would wear them out 😉 I guess it kind of worked being that the ended up going to sleep around midnight.

3. Currently loving my fireplace and actually being able to use it.

Last year we didn't really have a winter so this year has been a nice surprise. And when I say winter I mean it's 50 degrees outside. 

4. Also, in my living room, I am currently loving my rearranged gallery wall. 

One of my besties got me the sign at the top "as for me and my crazies, we will serve the Lord," and when I got it I knew what wall it would go on. But that meant rearranging a few things. Then I found that beautiful blue/gray knit hanging thing at Target and had to have it! I didn't really know where it would go when I bought but I after a little inspiration I decided to make it work on this wall. I really love how it all came together and find myself just sitting and looking at it. 

5. Also currently loving LulaRoe leggings. I touched on last week here but man these are my favs ever! I wear them to sleep, during the day, to workout, they are just SOOOOO comfortable. My sister hooked me up to an online sale where I was lucky enough to grab some on major discount. I really think these leggings should be a staple in every moms closet. 

6. Loving...Wayfair. Currently my cart is very full of things I dream of buying but am scared to actually buy. At the top of the list is this bed for Amelia's room. 

I saw a bed like this at Rooms to Go when we bought the couches but it was a lot more expensive plus would take 4 months to get. Ridiculous...I can't wait for that. Then one day I just happened to stumble upon this one at Wayfair. Now I am really tempted to order it. 

7. Lastly I am currently loving February. I just LOVE February. I love it because Aiden's birthday is the first day, Lent always starts and Valentine's Day. This year I am gearing up for a spiritual Lent. I will post more on that the closer it gets. As for Valentine's Day, Cameron and I always go out somewhere nice and this year since it's on Ash Wednesday, we are going to plan a date day the Sunday before. I love day dates! We also usually get the kids something small but instead of actually gifts we are each going to give them a special date we plan with each of them. I am so stoked about this! I already have my dates planned, now Cam just needs to plan his 😊

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