kirchoff Sunday best {week 6}

Sunday, February 25, 2018

"Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart?"
~St. Gerard Majella

Someone was still eating pancakes in the pictures because as usual...we decided last minute to go to the early mass and was running late.

My dress Gap via thredup; leggings Target, Boots Michael Kors 
My blazer is awesome! I just got it from Evy's Tree for a great price and it's going to be a new staple in my closet for sure. I also picked up this jacket and it's so cute! 

And I guess everyone decided to go early today because we got stuck in the balcony...again! Ugh! It's so hard for the kids to stay focused up there and the pews are so small my 6'3 husband has no leg room. Oh least we were there 😊

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(7qts) week in review

Saturday, February 24, 2018

1. Last Saturday was a wee bit insane. Along with our usual sports commitments Aiden had a school dance to go to. So we left basketball a little early {his team was ahead and we knew he was going to win...and it helps when Dad is the coach} and went to the dance. I love chaperoning his dances but what I love more is that he likes me there. Him and his friends were so silly dancing and having fun and then they would all come over and talk to me and "check up" on me to make sure I was having fun :) It was a fun evening!

Aiden and Jacob...the definition of framily

2. Last week I did a post here on how I keep up with my daily and weekly chores. Hopefully it can inspire you!

3. Currently I'm reading Stars of Fortune and am loving it! I'm almost done and plan on picking up Saintly Women of Modern Times next. I always take reading recommendations so let me know if you are reading something good!

4. My fav podcast lately has been The Simple Show. Their last two have been on how to use your earbuds and for someone who never really gave much thought to it, I really enjoyed it and was inspired to be more intentional about what I'm listening to. They introduced me to this podcast and I am obsessed! And then this song and I've had it on repeat in the car with the kids. It's so great and a little bit makes me tear up...just sayin.

5. The weather here has been so rainy and cold but honestly I kind of love it. The majority of the year here in Texas is insanely hot and dry so a little cold and rain is least in my opinion.

6. For Valentine's we gave the kids each a date and Asher and I went on ours last night! He was so cute and excited for your special time together. I found a new to us kind of fancy local nail salon for pedicures!

He also convinced me to let him get a manicure ;)

I'm telling you...this boy took full advantage of this time. He was laid back, using the massage chair, ordering was pretty cute. He said can we come back every week.

After pampering we stopped by Starbucks for some late night coffee.

It was a great Friday evening with my fav 10 year old.

7. Finally, I feel so sad that the Olympics are wrapping up. I have loved watching all the USA athletes go out there and give it their all. They are so inspiring and watching it with my boys has been great. I love them seeing the ups and downs and all the back stories. Only 4 more years until the summer ones :)

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{inspiration monday} cleaning checklists

Monday, February 19, 2018

The organized heart of mine loves me some lists. I have tried all different types of cleaning lists to help keep my house running in order. Ones that I make, ones from Pinterest but my favorite have come from I Should Be Mopping the Floor blog.

They are so beautiful and colorful and actually make cleaning look appealing 😉

I will admit, the daily sheet is about 2 to 3 days of work for me. Some things I do wiping down the kitchen and vacuuming the hard wood floors but other things I do not do anything bathroom related. It is nice though to check it off as I go and see what still needs to be done and what might be able to wait.

I wanted a nice place to display these beautiful printouts and have always wanted to do something with the end of my island. After picking up this cute stool from TJ Maxx I knew that hanging the lists on clipboards would really spice this area up.

I am so happy with how it all turned out. Check out other inspiring idea over at the Inspiration Monday party!

{7qts} what a week

Saturday, February 17, 2018

1. Last Saturday Aiden had the bowling game of his life! He bowled 5 strikes in a row at the beginning of his third game at league which set him up to possibly bowl a perfect game.

with the owner of the alley. You get to wear a turkey hat when you bowl a turkey which he was very excited about ;)

People from all over the alley were coming over to watch him. To bowl 5 strikes in a row is hard...especially for a 12 year old who has only been bowling about a year and a half. He ended up not getting a strike on his 6th and his final score for that game was a 186. being that his average is a 93 a 186 is pretty amazing! It was an exciting Saturday :)

2. Since Valentine's Day fell on Ash Wednesday this year {or vice versa} we celebrated with the kids Monday evening. We gave them cards and in them described a date we had planned with each one. They were super excited! I took Milly on her date Friday to a "fancy" movie theater to watch Paddington 2

The movie was really cute and we had a great time. I have to say it was REALLY hard not getting candy since I gave up sweets for Lent but I did survive :) Excited about my dates with my boys in the coming weeks.

3. Obligatory Ash pics

Every year they get us really good so this year I planned on sitting on the side the priest would give the ashes. Well that plan didn't really work out...the priest didn't so Mass {since it wasn't a full mass} the deacon did. And let's just say he hit us hard. Asher and Amelia had ashes all over their noses. It was hard not to laugh and I had to do a little cleanup when we got back to the pew. Better luck next year!

4. We actually got lucky in that the kids school really doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. Aiden doesn't get to at all because he's in middle School and Asher's class, instead of usual Valentine's parties, does a service project. They raised money for an organization called Drops of Grace that raises money to build wells for countries that need clean water. Then each student brought a gallon of water and they spent an hour walking with the gallons of water to raise awareness of how far people have to walk for clean water. It's really cool and I'm proud of our school for forgoing parties for service projects. 
Amelia didn't have a party at her preschool but they did hand out Valentines. She was such a busy bee addressing each one the day before.

And of course looked adorable in her new dress the day of.

5. For Valentine's, my Valentine got me the best gift ever...

A new pair of slippers. I'm an easy to please girl :)

6. Amelia got a new leotard for dance last week and looked so cute!

7. Finally, we have been all about the Olympics! I just looooove me some Olympics. In my old age ;) I have come to really enjoy not only the wins of the athletes but the failures. I think it shows so much to kids that you can train your hardest, be the best you can be and still not win. And guess what...that's okay. It's okay to train and have a passion for something and still fail at it. Watching Lindsay Vonn lose her race last night or Nathan Chen not come quite close enough for a medal, those are the moments that define people. It's also fun watching Shawn White come back and win after a devastating loss at the last Olympics. All these stories are so inspiring and I think so important for kids to watch.

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Happy Weekend :)

kirchoff sunday best: week 6

Monday, February 12, 2018

"May you be made strong with all the strength that comes from his glorious power, and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience, while joyfully giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light."
Colossians 1: 11-12

Yesterday was SOOOOO cold! Plus we were running so late to church that I just grabbed a quick pic of the kids. Good thing was the early Mass was pretty empty {I chalk that up to the cold} so we got a seat which was a miracle. Usually if you are are standing.
After Mass we dropped off the kids at my parents house and headed out on a Valentine's Day date. We went into to Austin to an outdoor mall area which seemed a little crazy because it was 25 degrees and sleeting. Maybe it shows how desperate we were to do something without kids?! We did a little shopping, had a wonderful brunch

the only picture took of the whole day. Priorities people.

and stopped in a fancy theater to see 12 Strong. Not the most romantic movie but it was really good. 

Day dates are my absolute favorite and yesterday was perfect. We picked up the kids around 6, went home watched some Olympics, got ready for bed and they were out by 8. Perfect end to the perfect day :)

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{7qta} all the catholics in the world are gettin ready

Friday, February 9, 2018

1. But before that...the flu and strep have hit our house...hard! As mentioned here Cam got the flu Sunday. Then Monday morning as I was making the rounds to wake up the kids for school I quickly realized Aiden was down for the count. I took him to the doctor but they actually had run out of flu tests so it was just a guess based off Dad being sick and symptoms that yes he did have the flu. Fast forward to Wednesday, he woke up with a severe sore throat, 103 fever and stomach which only means one thing in our family...strep. So back to the doctor we went for whatI already knew was strep. Thankfully the antibiotics have cleared everything up and he woke up Thursday morning fever free and feeling much better. Cameron is also better and back at work and by the grace of God no one else has gotten sick. Praise be the Lord!

2. Lent is almost here. And it's coming in hard this year...on Valentine's Day. Personally I don't think this is as big of a deal as others. We are celebrating Valentine's as a couple with a day date on Sunday. I love me some day dates! Then we will celebrate Mardi Gras/Valentine's with the kids Monday because Tuesdays are too busy after school for us. That will leave us completely ready to begin Lent Wednesday.

3. Here are some great resources I've looked to this week for Lent.

Just One Small Thing Podcast-Lenten Resolutions
Abiding Together Podcast-Unity

4. Which all that got me thinking...what will I give up this year? I'm leaning towards giving up sweets. I also make encourage my kids to give something up every year and they are still deciding on that as well. Asher is leaning towards the Playstation {woo hoo} and Aiden really has no idea. He keeps coming with weird not hard ideas to which I give him the evil eye and he quickly says it was just a joke. Whatevs kid, I wasn't born yesterday 👐 We watched a great video that was sent to me by his PE teacher since he missed school this week. It was a speech that Jamie Oliver gave back in 2010 about nutrition in our country. Overall we eat healthy. My kids are not huge lovers of veggies but most of the time they can get them down without too much complaining ;) However the video was very eye opening. One thing we are very guilty of is grabbing fast food. Two evenings a week stopping by Chick Filla or Schlotsky's has become the norm and it's just so bad for us. So as a family we are giving up fast food. I know there is a lot of controversy over giving up things in general but we are choosing to give up fast food {and sweets for me} to show respect to our bodies. To the one body that God gave us. 

5. Along with giving something up I always love to DO something to bring me closer to God. I want to aim to attend daily mass at least 3 times a week. I wanted to up that to 5 days a week but I know that is not something that our family schedule will allow me to do so I figure 3 days is more attainable. If I can attend more then go me. If not I won't be overcome with guilt. I also plan on setting aside time everyday to read the Bible, journal and dive into a Lenten Journal...

6. Which leads me too how I found all this good stuff :) I was inspired by Bobbi to start Bible journaling and got all my gear ordered. 

all from Amazon...go to Bobbi's page for links

This Bible from Blessed is She is absolutely stunning. I am so excited to dive in to it starting next week. I just keep flipping through the pages because I love. The Bible cover is just as beautiful and being able to keep everything together is soothing to my organizational soul. I also bought the boys these blank journals.

I'm going to start teaching them how to read the Bible and then journal. I'm hoping to be able to set aside 3 evenings {again being realistic} to work on this with them. Never as a child was I introduced to reading the Bible let alone journaling and as an adult found this to be so healing. I want them to learn this trait early on.

I also ordered this Lenten Journal from Blessed is She along with Mary cards. I am so excited to get working on this. The cards are so beautiful and I've never seen anything like them before. So special.

7. Pics from the week!

Asher made Aiden's cake all by himself for our family party. Let me tell you...I was shocked at how great it turned out. I know that might sound like I was lacking faith in my son but it was his first time ever making and decorating a cake all by himself.

It is really impossible to get a decent pic of this child 😂

Little Miss was so excited to make her All About Me poster and take it to school yesterday. Her teachers said she did such a great job presenting to the class. 

Sadly that would be all the pics since our house was full of sickies most of the week.

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kirchoff sunday best: week 5

Sunday, February 4, 2018

"Think well. Speak well. Do well. These three things, through the mercy of God, will make a man go to Heaven."
St. Camillus

I wonder if my kids are the only ones (well my boys) that wear the same thing to Mass week after week. I kind of don't care though. Oh well...
Amelia's dress if from Zulily and you pretty much can always find them. The are cute little cotton dresses but they run really big. Her boots are from Gymboree and I love them!

Leggings: LulaRoe, Top: Gap via Thredup, Boots: Zulily

Mass was super short today. I think Father was sick because his homily was maybe 10 minutes. We were all like what??? Cameron woke up feeling awful and went to the clinic while we were at Mass only to find out he has the flu. NOOOO!!!! I'm diffusing thieves, taking/handing out Vitamin D to the kids and staying away. Praying no one else gets it.

It's Super Bowl Sunday! We are a big football family so Super Bowl is a big deal. One day, just one day maybe the Cowboys will actually make it. Every year we say it's our year and every year we are disappointed. Maybe next year 😉
My parents always throw a big party and my mom cooks up some delicious grub. The main dishes are always representative of the cities the teams playing are from. So this year is Philly cheesesteaks and seafood and corn chowder. Yummo 😀 Super bummed Cam will miss it.

We are also celebrating Aiden's birthday with the family and this will officially be the end of his birthday. Asher really wanted to be the one to plan his family birthday party which I thought was really sweet. This morning he baked a cake and is about to start decorating it to look like a football field. He has big dreams for this cake but being that this is the first cake he has ever made and decorated I hope he's not too disappointed. I keep telling him it's a lot harder then it looks.

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{7qt} things I am loving

Saturday, February 3, 2018

1. Last week was a wee bit insane over here and I am hoping the weekend will hep me recover...but I highly doubt that considering. I am currently sitting on the couch with my coffee, a fire and listening to 6 VERY loud kids upstairs building a fort and beating on a piano. That could only mean one thing...a sleepover happened over here.

2. Aiden turned 12 last week and we celebrated with a Friday sleepover.

Theses kids crack me up...they went from playing video games to working out in Cameron's shop and running laps around the yard at 10:30 at night. Hey I was just hoping all that working out would wear them out 😉 I guess it kind of worked being that the ended up going to sleep around midnight.

3. Currently loving my fireplace and actually being able to use it.

Last year we didn't really have a winter so this year has been a nice surprise. And when I say winter I mean it's 50 degrees outside. 

4. Also, in my living room, I am currently loving my rearranged gallery wall. 

One of my besties got me the sign at the top "as for me and my crazies, we will serve the Lord," and when I got it I knew what wall it would go on. But that meant rearranging a few things. Then I found that beautiful blue/gray knit hanging thing at Target and had to have it! I didn't really know where it would go when I bought but I after a little inspiration I decided to make it work on this wall. I really love how it all came together and find myself just sitting and looking at it. 

5. Also currently loving LulaRoe leggings. I touched on last week here but man these are my favs ever! I wear them to sleep, during the day, to workout, they are just SOOOOO comfortable. My sister hooked me up to an online sale where I was lucky enough to grab some on major discount. I really think these leggings should be a staple in every moms closet. 

6. Loving...Wayfair. Currently my cart is very full of things I dream of buying but am scared to actually buy. At the top of the list is this bed for Amelia's room. 

I saw a bed like this at Rooms to Go when we bought the couches but it was a lot more expensive plus would take 4 months to get. Ridiculous...I can't wait for that. Then one day I just happened to stumble upon this one at Wayfair. Now I am really tempted to order it. 

7. Lastly I am currently loving February. I just LOVE February. I love it because Aiden's birthday is the first day, Lent always starts and Valentine's Day. This year I am gearing up for a spiritual Lent. I will post more on that the closer it gets. As for Valentine's Day, Cameron and I always go out somewhere nice and this year since it's on Ash Wednesday, we are going to plan a date day the Sunday before. I love day dates! We also usually get the kids something small but instead of actually gifts we are each going to give them a special date we plan with each of them. I am so stoked about this! I already have my dates planned, now Cam just needs to plan his 😊

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Aiden is 12

Friday, February 2, 2018

It is official! We have a 12 year old in the house.

you know you're Catholic when you run out of birthday candles and this is all you got 👊

He's such an easy going guy and I really don't think any of us could live without him. He's the peace keeper of the kids and always ALWAYS is there to give me or his Dad a big hug an tell us how much he loves us. 12 years ago when they placed him in my arms I never could have imagined what an amazing boy he would be. 

Thank you Aiden for just being you.
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