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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Day 3 of vacation we were all so excited to get out and get skiing. The bad thing was there was no real snow. Well there was some but not enough to ski on, so the resort had to make snow. There were these huge machines on the sides of the mountains that would blow snow overnight. We actually got to see it one night and it was really neat...and kind of magical looking. The good thing about fake snow...for these Texans we couldn't tell the difference from real snow. And don't get me wrong, it's snow, just not snow that fell from the sky 😉 The bad thing was because these machines were only on certain trails out of 81 trails only 5 were open. But what can ya do 💁 They said that it's been 25 years since they didn't have snow at Christmas so this was an uncommon weather year for their area. 

Anyway...back to skiing. We all packed up all our gear and headed toward the mountain. Lucky for us it was about a 5 min walk. 

I cannot tell you how handy that came on this vacation. Being able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cabin saved so much money and gave us all a chance to sit back and relax which was nice because some of the most hectic times on vacation with a family is eating out.

Once up to the mountain, Cameron took Aiden to the top of the bunny slope to teach him how to ski. He had snowboarded on our last ski trip and saw how easy of a time Asher was having with skiing and decided he wanted to try that instead. Being that Cameron is a very good skier we just figured he could teach Aiden. While they were off doing that Asher, Amelia and I headed over to where Amelia was going to have her private ski lesson. 

We opted out of ski school this year for her for a few reasons. One being that it is all day and since it was her first time skiing I wasn't sure if she was even going to like it let alone for an entire day without her family. Two being that I read online that when your kids are in ski school you have to sign a waiver saying that you are okay with them getting on and off a ski lift by themselves. That freaked out this mama heart just a bit. So that's what led to the private lesson.

After dropping her off, Aiden had come down the hill and was a little nervous about skiing. That's actually putting it mildly...he was wanting to quit. So I talked him into going up with me and trying it out again while Asher went with Cameron for his turn.

Aiden did great coming down this time! He only fell once and once we got to the bottom he was good to go! As I was teaching Aiden how to ski I looked up and saw Amelia on the ski lift with her instructor. OMG! I couldn't believe that she was already going to ski down by herself. All 4 of us were so excited to see her. That little stinker skied down like a champ. She didn't fall once and looked so good. I could not wait to pick up her and ski with her myself.

After picking her we took her straight over to the bunny slope to check out her new skills.

She did so good. Anyone who knows Amelia and saw her skiing would be shocked! This girl never tries new things and if she does usually just throws a fit about it. She was so was adorable. 

The rest of that day and the next two days we spent skiing. Both boys caught on SO fast it was shocking. By the end of the second day they were both skiing down a blue trail. Cameron and I would take turns going to the top of the mountain and skiing with them while one stayed back and skied with Amelia or just played in the snow with her. She loved playing in the snow. We found a nice little hill at the bottom of the slope that we could slide down and that was probably her favorite thing to do on the trip. As the days went on she became more and more afraid to ski. By the end of the third day I took her up one time only to be stuck in the middle of the mountain with a screaming 5 year old who refused to put her skies on. After that we just let her play. Next year we are going to try the all day ski school for her because when she was with her teacher she was so confident and working so well.

We had a lot of downtime with Amelia...hence all the photos 😉

Friday evening they had a smores social at the front of the hotel and the kids were SO excited for that.

After some s'mores we headed back to the mountain for some pictures, an impromptu snowball fight and then the boys of the family were going tubing!

Tubing was a really fun alternative to skiing. Man did you go fast! The boys wanted to go in the evening because the slopes were icy and you could go faster. Amelia and I opted for the daytime on New Year's Day so we wouldn't fly down the hill. 

The sky was so beautiful and it was COLD! You get to tube for an hour but us girls only stayed for about 15 minutes before we packed up and headed back to the cabin to start on dinner.

After three days of continuous skiing we were all exhausted! With New Year's Eve and Day coming up we were planning on something else to do...

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