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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our 4th day of vacation we were all pretty sore and needed a little ski break. Thankfully Taos is only a short and very beautiful drive so we headed over there for the day. Because there wasn't very much snow the roads were all perfect to drive. I imagine in a normal year these roads would be tough. The road from Angel Fire to Taos went straight through a mountain was windy and quite sleep at points. Once we arrived into Taos we parked and walked around the town square.

One thing about me is I love museums. Cameron makes fun of me and whenever he sees a museum he is pretty sure we are going 😉 I told him I think it comes from traveling in my childhood. I would want to stop at every museum but my mom never wanted to. She would say we didn't have time or it was a waste of money. Anyway I am making up for that now. Our first stop in Taos was the Kit Carson Museum.

Kit Carson founded the town of Taos and did a lot of work for the American Southwest. The museum was his home.

Now this is massive rosary!

After the museum we headed to a little coffee shop because it was COLD! Then off to the square and shopping we went.

There were so many fun shops to browse and Cameron even made a new friend 😂

We stopped into Taos Brewing Company and had our best meal of the trip...a brick oven cooked pizza with meatballs, mozzarella, lemon and feta. So so amazing. After lunch we were headed back to Angel Fire to get ready for the fireworks on the mountain for New Years Eve.

Once back we unloaded all our goodies we bought and put back on all our ski gear and headed up to the mountain at dark. First there was a torch light parade down the mountain.

Then the fireworks began!

We were so close and man those fireworks were SO loud! It was really fun though. After that we headed back to our room, watched all the NYE specials, played games and toasted the New Year {in fancy glasses I had picked up at the grocery store before we left} with Izze drinks for the kids and champagne for the adults.

After we toasted we all went to sleep to prepare for our last day in Angel Fire.

New Year's Day

We slowly woke up {around 10} and started moving around for the day. I made a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes to get everyone's bellies nice and full for a day of skiing. Cameron and the boys headed up to the mountain to start skiing with Amelia and stayed back in the room for a bit so I could get some laundry done and start packing a bit. Having a washer and dryer in our condo was a God send. Amelia and I got all bundled up and headed out to go tubing! She was so excited about tubing after watching the boys do it.

Before tubing we met up with the boys and I got a few pictures

Off to tubing we went!

Being the crazy mom I am, I was so nervous about her riding in her tube all by herself but was she nervous...nope!

Her and I had so much fun tubing! Man did we FLY down he hills. It was insane. When our time was up tubing we met the boys, Cam and I switched duties then we all loaded up to ride up the big ski lift to the top of the mountain to eat lunch at the restaurant at the top. 

A very cool thing about Angel Fire is you can ride up the ski lift to the top of the mountain even if you are not skiing and then just ride the lift back down. So that was our plan.

We took a few pictures on the balcony of the restaurants because the views were on point.

We ate lunch, hung out a bit and the said goodbye to Cam and Amelia and the boys and I skied down. We spent the rest of the afternoon skiing. Let me tell you...skiing is exhausting! I was so tired after about 3 times down the mountain. At one point I just sat in the snow and let the boys go by themselves.

Around 4pm we were all tired and loaded up our ski gear, returned it, said goodbye to the snow and headed back to the condo to start packing and watch some football. It was a great trip. We all had a blast and while we were sad to go, it also felt like it was time. That's the best way to end vacation 😊

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