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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It was time to go home. Cameron had talked about going a longer way home {12 1/2 hours to be exact} going through Amarillo so we could stop by the Palo Dura Canyons. I was all for it. Yeah it was going to make our trip for the day longer but honestly we were already planning on being in the car all day...why not at least see something cool. So very early Tuesday morning we were up, packing up the car and heading towards Texas.

3 hours into our drive we were pulling into the very top of Texas.

One thing we do to keep car rides not too bad is to stop for meals. Like get out of the car, stretch our legs and eat lunch. This time we found a Chick Filla in Amarillo. The kids were thrilled! Even the boys played for a bit on the playscape. It was a nice break. After lunch we were off to the canyons.

And they did not disappoint.

Absolutely beautiful! We stopped at the top of the canyon for a few pictures and then drove down into it and all through it. 

And as we were leaving ran into a few longhorns.

It was well worth the stop and extra time on the trip. After leaving the canyons we were headed down to central Texas. I think...can't remember exactly but I think we had about 8 hours left on our trip and it was already around 2pm. So we were off...

We drove and drove and drove and drove {you get the picture} and finally around 10:30pm pulled into our driveway. 

I really was shocked at how well the kids did in the car. Amelia had a few moments but usually they occurred when she was sleepy so I would just rub her feet and she would fall asleep. We stopped many times and every time we stopped it was mandatory for everyone to get out of the car and stretch. I think between the stops, snacks, iPads, and movies in the car that saved our sanity. 

Our ski vacation was lots of fun. Don't get me wrong...there were definitely moments of craziness but I love traveling as a family. It's difficult but mostly rewarding and I am already looking forward to planning our next adventure together.

Maybe the east coast this summer???

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