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Friday, January 5, 2018

1. How is 2018 treating you so far? Over here it's been recovering from vacation by laying around, being lazy and trying to squeeze in a few play dates before school starts next week.

2. So far in 2018 I feel like a genius :) I decided to do all of our laundry at the cabin in NM before we got home and let me tell you how wonderful of an idea that was. We came home, all our clothes were clean (except what we were wearing) and we just unloaded our suitcases into the closet and dressers. I'm really proud of myself.

3. I use to love New Year resolutions. I couldn't wait to get my plan for the new year all lined up and ready to go and then 2 weeks later completely fail and start hating on myself. Quite the melancholic, eh? No more resolutions for me. Instead I pick a word. I know I know...everyone is picking the "word" for them. Here's the thing... this actually works for me. It's something easy that I can stick with and remind myself throughout the year of it. So without further ado...

My word this year is slow. I need to slow down my life. When I go through and read past blog posts, I am constantly complaining about how busy I am, how I am running late, too much on my plate. I'm really really tired of feeling this way. I am going to SLOW way down. Cut back on the after school activities for the kids. Cut down on errands that I run. Take back my life and enjoy it. This is definitely a "resolution" I can get behind.

5. Along the lines of slow I need to plan my time better. I am a huge fan of paper planners but found myself lost a lot of the time because as much as I wanted it too my planner was not working for me. So I ordered a new one {hides face}. I can't even remember how but one day in December I stumbled upon Emily Ley and her new book and Simplified Planner.
2018 Calendar Daily, Simplified Planner, Gold Pineapple
After really reading about them I bought both the planner and book. So far I love the planner {haven't started the book yet}. It's super easy to use without wasted space that most planner have. Plus it's so cute! I picked out the blue with gold pineapples. I'm really looking forward to it helping me with my goal for the year.

6. Here's one of my favorite posts I do every year
I love looking back at our favorite moments of the year. While there were a lot of good ones, last year was a hard year in ways. I am looking forward to 2018 and growing more as a person and in my faith. I look forward to spending quality time with my kids and husband. I just look forward to being intentional in all that we do.

7. Finally, I am going to go through and reread Organized Simplicity along with my new book A Simplified Life and completely gut my house and get rid of all the excess. As I was unpacking clothes I realized how much clothes this family has. No wonder I am always doing laundry! I really need to go through and clean everything out and get rid of stuff that we collected over the year and didn't even really need. This year I want to be much more intentional about what we buy to help reduce the clutter. Wish me luck :)

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