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Saturday, January 13, 2018

1. It's a cold day here in central Texas and currently I am sitting on my NEW couches enjoying a nice hot Nespresso with coconut cream creamer. Yes we got new couches and yes I am very VERY excited about that. It all started with a dream...

But really I have been wanting them for a few months. We just needed something bigger for our family to fit on better. Last weekend we went shopping for them and after about 4 hours settled on a set, came home, sent a text to my sister who bought our old couches, new ones were delivered yesterday and here we are today. I still need a few tables so pictures will come after that but here's one from the store and my beautiful model

2. I have been very busy this week with my organizing personal challenge that I love to bestow upon myself every year. This week I was nicely focused and got all the kids rooms, playroom, boys bathroom, my room, bathroom and closet done. Yesterday since the couches were being delivered and they gave me a time window of 7am-10pm {awesome right} I worked on the living room and dining room. I only have the laundry room, kitchen, homework room, coat closet and guest bedroom left. I've already hauled out 8 bags of donations! Woo to the Hoo 👐
The two books I use and highly recommend are Organized Simplicity and A Simplified Life

3. Even though I've been in a cleaning frenzy I did find time to blog about our ski trip.
Hoping to finish up our travel stories this week.

4. Here are a couple of podcast that I have been listening to while cleaning.
Harshe Podcast about social media
Young Charlie- about Charles Manson. This one is crazy interesting and a little creepy 
The Simple Show probably my current fav

5. As for books I've been reading a bunch of really cheesy Christmas love stories. I can't help myself...I just love them this time of year. I did make a book list for the year and on the list is Pride and Prejudice. To help me along I downloaded it on audible and have been listening to it while cleaning as well. I just love audio books!

6. The boys and I are reading The Goblet of Fire {well actually listening} and am almost done! I've read all the Harry Potter books but rereading them or listening to them with the kids is so fantastic! It remind me how much I loved them. So excited to get through these books with them 😊

7. And lastly all the praise hands go up as it's a long weekend!!!!! Plus we might even have Tuesday off because it is predicted to sleet and maybe snow in our area which of course means closing all the schools. Crazy but true 😉

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