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Friday, January 26, 2018

1. Here in Texas winter is a strange thing. This year we have had freezing days at the beginning of the week and warm sunny days by weeks end. All this confusing weatherness {not a word} has me already dreaming of spring. Spring break is right around the corner and while we had originally planned not to do anything I find myself now wanting to do something. I don't want to do a big vacation but maybe something small would be fun. Hmm...this is something I probably should really work on or at least talk to Cameron about being that we have only a little over a month.

2. Along the lines of spring thinking, I really want to revamp our outdoor space. It looks great but none of it is working for us right now. We have a table and chairs by the pool that we NEVER sit at. When we first put it there we dreamt of having dinners by the pool but because of where the sun sits in the evenings and the fact that it's so far from the house, it's never happened.

Like our random blue chair scattered in the landscaping 😂

I want to flip flop these areas

So I want to put our eating area on our covered porch. The problem is the current eating furniture we have is just way too big for the area. So I'm looking at this cute set and adding a couple of chairs on the end of the table.

Then moving the conversation set to where the eating set is currently. Get all that? I now *first world problems* but this is something that's been giving me grief for years.

3. Today I will finish my big cleanup of the house by working on the mudroom and the stairs. For the stairs all I need to do is clean the baseboards and vacuum them. I HATE vacuuming stairs and usually the only time they get vacuumed is when my housekeeper comes but today I will take one for the team and do it. Yuck. The mudroom I am actually looking forward to cleaning out because it's become a giant mess where the kids just throw everything. Cameron just walked in this morning and said "did you know there was an old lunch pail in the mudroom" to which I replied "umm what year is this...the 1950s? Who says lunch pail anymore." I got a big eye roll and fake laugh and after thinking a minute I think it was all a little {big} hint that the mudroom needs to be cleaned.

And I need to create our February calendar. I love this big calendar but it's been months since I actually took the time to fill it in. One of my goals this year is to make sure every month is done...except January of course.

4. I went to the doctor this week for a checkup of sorts and was a little surprised my how much I weighed 👀 I was all "oh let me take my coat off. Oh let me take my shoes off" to which the nurse replied it really wouldn't make that big of a difference. Sooooo I think it's time to break out the new workout clothes I bought and actually put them to good use. And to start eating better. Like for real this time. I HATE working out and eating good {I know so funny...not} but I guess being that I'm in my late thirties it's time to get out denial and start really taking care of myself. Blah Blah...
Kelly's take on workout clothes is HILARIOUS and exactly how I feel!

5. I know a promised a full bathroom post but I haven't gotten a chance to clean it and fix it nicely {or patch the walls} so this is what you are getting. 
We did what we thought was going to be a mini bathroom makeover for our half bath but it ended up being WAY more complicated then either of imagined. I have to mention that we didn't argue at once during this process but I mainly chalk that up to the fact that I was given the silent treatment for a large portion of the mini renovation. Which honestly I'm totally okay with being that I would rather someone just not talk to me if they are frustrated. After it was all said and done, Cameron told me that even though he thought he might explode in the process, the finished product looked awesome. So I take that as "thank you honey for putting me through hell because this bathroom looks great." 😉


The whole point of this project was because I needed storage in this bathroom. This is where I fix the kids hair in the mornings and they brush their teeth. This pedestal sink just wasn't cutting it.


The drawers are so perfect and already came with dividers. Heaven!

6. My oldest Aiden is turning 12 on Feb 1 and I cannot believe it. How in the world do I have a 12 year old??? I mean I only feel like I'm 25...that math just doesn't add up 😉 We are not big birthday party people so he's just having a few friends spend the night next Friday. I'm not sure if this is going to be better the a party or not...ask me Saturday morning after I'm exhausted from loud boys upstairs.

7. I'm taking the kids roller skating today which should be hilarious! I'm really hoping no one gets hurt. Wish us luck.

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  1. I love the patio furniture, especially the long table and benches. It makes me itch to see spring and summer...not that we really have winter in CA but you know what I mean. Good luck on the workouts. I need to do the same. I agree that Kelly's comments about the clothes were hilarious! :-)

  2. Love the bathroom redo! Lol on the silent treatment! 😂


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