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Monday, December 4, 2017

Happy Advent friends!

Our weekend was full of fun holiday time activities. Our local town hosts an annual Christmas stroll downtown and as long as the weather is nice we always try to go. Last year it was really cold and rainy so we passed on it but not this year. This year we were wearing shorts. Gotta love Texas this time of year 😋 

One of the local churches hosts a Bethlehem Village so children can get a glimpse of what life was life when Jesus was born. It's actually really cool. As soon as you walk in you get to chose a tribe to be part of and wear the color around your head. Of course my kids chose the Asher tribe for obvious reasons. Then off they were to grind some grain

Then roll out dough for unleavened bread

make coins, go in a prayer house, dance to traditional music and get a blessing in a temple. Other then all that fun, we walked around, enjoyed beautiful music, did a little shopping and ate so good food. It was a really nice afternoon.

Later that evening, Amelia and I had a little date to go and see a friend dance in the Nutcracker.

I really wanted to take Amelia to the Nutcracker this year down in Austin but was worried that she might still be too young for that long of a ballet. And after sitting through this short production I realized that yes, she is too young 😊 Don't get me wrong...she loved it but by the end she was so tired and ready to go home. But before we could leave we had to stop and see our favorite dancer of the night!

She was so excited to see her friends there...that by far was my favorite part of the evening.

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