Friday, December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I always love having the week off with the kids. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving we played with friends, ran last minute errands, I enlisted their help to clean the ENTIRE house (they were awesome) and then we stopped in to see the new movie Coco.

Oh man, did we love this movie. Such a great story and it was beautiful to watch. We all loved it.

Then before we knew it the big day was here! I woke up early and began cooking while the fam slept a little longer. Once everyone was up we had a big breakfast and watched the parade all while I was still cooking and Cameron was figuring out how to cook our turkey on the Green Egg. I set the table with my little helper...

and around the time we were finishing up everyone started showing up and it quickly became a party!

The food was amazing, company enjoyable and the weather perfect! We also sneaked in a family picture for our Christmas card which always makes me happy. I love Christmas cards 😊

After a very long day we all pretty much feel asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. The next day I took the kids to my parents house for their annual Black Friday sleepover and went and did a little shopping. I got some great deals and cleared off many items in my shopping list and my late afternoon, Cameron and I were headed to the UT football game.

We had a great time together even though it was an AWFUL game. Texas lost at the very end and it was heartbreaking. We got home really really late and I was very thankful the kids were not home. The next morning we enjoyed a lazy morning and afternoon and then picked up the kids after lunch. It was around that time that Cameron started feeling bad and then once we got home Aiden was sick as well. The boys were suppose to alter serve that evening but with 2 sickies I decided to leave Amelia home and just Asher and I went to Mass.

I absolutely love watching my boys alter serve. I never take pictures in church but just had to. He was so cute up there all my himself.

Sunday my sickies were feeling better and good thing because we were off to Dave and Buster's to celebrate my niece's 10th birthday.

Hours and hours of games and food made for a fun afternoon of our last day of vacation.

I love Thanksgiving and the whole week of celebrating. Now we are in the Advent season and I am so happy and so excited for this next month and all the joys it brings.

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