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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Saturday was the last day of bowling for Aiden this Fall Season. Going in we thought his team got 3rd place but once we got there we were shocked that they had come ahead and won first!

This means out of 3 season of bowling his team has one first every time. That's crazy!

It was a fun morning...Asher and Amelia bowled with Aiden's team and they turned out the lights and had dark bowl which the kids love! All the pins are neon colors and dancing along to Christmas music. Plus they gave out free ice cream sundaes and game cards. The morning couldn't have been any more fun for these Kirchoff kids.

Saturday evening was Mom's Night Out for my group of ladies. Every year we draw names and buy each other gifts and this year we decided to be fancy and made reservations at a local restaurant. I had been looking forward to this night for weeks! Good food and good friends...can't beat that 😊 

And to top it all off I am in love with the present I got!

Fits my family perfectly 😍

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