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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Oh how I love a good Santa picture 😊 This year instead of the usual trip to the mall to see Santa we opted for a Pancake Breakfast that Amelia's preschool hosts. I'm glad we did because the whole morning was lots of fun, plus it's a great fundraiser for the school.

After all that fun, we headed out to the country to a fruit farm where they had all sorts of Christmas fun. The main reason I wanted to go was to see a real reindeer. I'm pretty sure I never have and I know my kids haven't so I figured it would be a fun experience.

It was really neat but the poor reindeer had knocked off one of his antlers the night before which really freaked Amelia out. She kept saying "where's his other horn."

The farm was actually pretty cool and had fun outdoor activities like zip lines, rope swings, a maze and a bouncy thing.

Aiden loved chasing around the chickens trying to catch one and feeding the animals.

Asher and Amelia loved horseback riding.

It was such a fun afternoon and who knows...maybe a new tradition.

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