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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I might be the Grinch of all Grinch mothers but I REALLY dislike making gingerbread houses. Every year I say it's our last year and every year the kids beg me to do it. Last year we built them on the Feast of Saint Barbara (Dec 4) and even though it was a coincidence I loved the fact that we were building with a purpose. So this year not only did we build them to recognize Saint Barbara but I wised up even more and invited my mother in law over to help the kids. She and I were both happy about that 😊 I got to sit back and watch and she helped them with all the grunt work and everyone enjoyed themselves.

In our attempt to live liturgically last year, the thing that was the hardest for our family was being able to recognize the saint on their actual feast day. Our weeks are pretty busy and taking time to do a craft in the middle of the week with sports practice and tests and homework was just too hard. Then in my mind I just gave up. Then it hit really doesn't have to be on the exact day...maybe just a day in the week. Or the following week. So even though these houses were not on Saint Barbara's actual feast day, they were done the weekend after and you know what...that alone was life changing. Yesterday was the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe but we had gymnastics after school so we recognized that feast day Monday when we were all home and had dinner together. Again...the kids didn't know any difference and my life was made a little less stressful.

One Feast day we did celebrate on the actual day was St. Nicholas.

This was the first year we celebrated St. Nicholas and the kids were SO excited. St. Nicholas brought chocolate gold coins and each of them a Shining Light archangel. Amelia was so excited about her St. Gabriel she has been carrying it with her everywhere she goes. I think this might just be a tradition we continue.

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