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Monday, December 11, 2017

In an effort to live more liturgically and to encourage my kids to love gift giving we decided to make candles for their grandparents and other family members. I was inspired by Kendra to make candles to recognize St. Ambrose. So before we started our craft we read the story on him.

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Then it was crafting time. I love to craft and thankfully so do my kids. Best part of this project was how easy it was. All you need are white candles, white tissue paper, wax paper, a heat gun or hair dryer and markers.

First tape the tissue paper to a white sheet of paper. This is basically to keep the markers from bleeding through on your tabletop.

Then cut the design down as much as possible. I learned this the hard way on the first candle. With the boys designs I cut them way down!

Then hold the design to the candle in the place you want it and wrap a larger piece of wax paper over the top.

Hold tight and start heating it up. I don't have a heat gun so I just used my hair dryer on it's hottest setting and it worked great. You will see the candle to start melting the tissue paper onto it as you go. This took about 5 minutes per was shockingly easy.

Then have a beautiful personalized candle.

The kids were so excited how cute they turned out and now we plan on making lots more for family members and some just to have around the house.

This was such a fun, simple craft that could be done anytime. This would also be a great craft to celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy.

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