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Friday, December 22, 2017

We are just chugging along with all our holiday celebrations. Yesterday was bowling with Santa.

Amelia loved bowling with Santa...she even let him bowl once for her.

Santa was a very good bowler 😉 It was a fun morning activity and once again I beat all my kids in bowling. I just can't help myself!!!!

After bowling we headed to a somewhat local outdoor mall, which was a terrible idea. There were only about 5 million people there and because I had to go to get Cameron's present I was kind of kicking myself for waiting so long. The kids did get to do a free coding class at the Apple store which all 3 were happy about so it wasn't a total loss. After the shopping madness we were off to Amelia's dance party.

She looked so pretty in her new red dance outfit.

Always the supportive big brother

This time...unlike her Halloween dance she actually danced! Oh man, she is adorable and I just love watching her dance. I hope this is something she sticks with for a long time.

Today we are off to the grocery store (yes I'm a glutton for punishment) then home to start packing for our big trip! Then later this afternoon off to my brother's house for our first Christmas celebration.

Only 3 days left!

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