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Friday, November 10, 2017

1. I have now had laryngitis for 2 weeks. To say that I'm over it would be the understatement of the century. At this point I have completely forgotten what my real voice sounds like and have almost given up hope on ever talking normal again. slightly dramatic eh?  In all seriousness if you have any advice on how to help my situation it would be greatly appreciated. I've been to the doctor, been on steroids and at this point I really don't want to go back just to be exposed to all other fun illnesses out there this time of year. And seriously...yelling at kids is no fun when every other word cuts out 😉

2. This is beyond ridiculous but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to put up my Christmas tree. I'm trying to hold off as long as I can but every store I go in has all their decorations up and it's so hard. Plus I really want a new tree, which is also ridiculous, but I'm trying to use all my will power not to buy a new tree. I have my eye on one at Michael's. It's beautiful...tall, green, full and flocked. It's a dream tree. Cameron is so over me talking about it he just wants me to buy it but is it crazy? Just another non important detail of my life I am fussing over at this moment. To buy a tree or not buy a tree????

3. As I sat down to plan our next coming months this morning, I am shocked at how quickly our weekends filled up and even more shocked how quickly our ski trip will be here. Every.single.week. I put on my to do list "pull out ski gear and make a list of what we need" and every.single.week. I fail to do said chore. I'm not sure if I'm just a glutton for punishment and want that feeling right at the end where I am rushing around trying to get everything done but something has got to give. I just keep imagining our magical snow is and how much fun we are going to have and let that guide me that it will all work out.

4. The kid's school pictures came home this week and they are adorable.

However I quickly realized that after spending a small fortune on pictures I did not get Asher's. So after sitting on the phone with the picture company for about 30 minutes we realized that I filled out the online form wrong. I mean really people?! I'm on a roll lately 😉 So they refunded me what I spent and I had to reorder them. 

5. Cameron is in his busy season at work and we are seeing him less and less at home in the evenings. This is the first year that it's actually going pretty well and I chalk that up to all the kids being older. For the most part, our evenings are not too hectic unless we get home late from an activity and the boys can now see when I am feeling stressed and rushed and instead of feeding into that, they are helping me out more. Big kids are the 👊

6. Thieves oil is saving our lives I'm pretty sure. Every morning I rub it along the kids spines before they go to school and so far they have all been well. I also send a Thieves oil hand sanitizer in their lunch bags and encourage them to use it before lunch. Anything to help keep away the germs at this point.

7. Last Friday, Amelia had her 5 year well check

35lbs (10%)
34" (60%)

All was well on that front. I can't believe my little lady is 5! Seems so crazy how fast time goes. Next year she will be in kinder and gone all the time. Not quite sure what I will do with myself...

Happy Weekend!

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