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Sunday, November 19, 2017

1. First I have to say HALLELUJAH it's Thanksgiving Break! No waking up early, no making lunches before breakfast...I could not be happier. Every time we have a break at our school I immediately become jealous of home schooling families that this is everyday life for them. Then by the end of the week that jealousy dissipates 😏 J/K
I really love having my kids home and this week I always prepare lots of fun things to do and this year will be no different.

2. Last week was a ball of crazy/hectic life going on. Our school, unlike many others, instead of giving the kids an easy week crams in tons of things due. One of those things is a book project for the 5th graders where they study a person in History. Asher's was Franklin Roosevelt.

They all dress up as their person, have a small display and give a speech as you walk through the cafeteria. It's really one of my favorite things the school does. Here was Aiden's last year.

Hilarious enough, after Asher got all dressed up I couldn't help but laugh...he seriously looked just like my Dad from the 80s. So funny!

We were super proud of him and how much hard work he put into this project. 

3. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and was shocked at how hard it is to buy a turkey. We are having about 25 people over so I knew it needed to be big but some of those big lie...freaked me out. So after debating in the store do I get one 26 pounder or two 10ish pounders I went with the 2 10ish pounders. Hopefully it's enough...

4. My kids were the ones who really wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. They just love being home with all their things. We are very blessed that almost all of our family (all of our immediate family) lives within a 30 mile radius, so we never really have to travel for the holidays. So because it was their idea I have decided to make them in charge of cleaning the house. What a nice mom I am 😊

5. I did it...I bought a new Christmas tree...and tree collar...and already put it up. After weeks of debating, yesterday while at bowling with Aiden I got an email from Michael's saying the tree I wanted was 70% off. Cameron is SO over hearing about this tree he was all JUST BUY THE TREE!!!!! So I did. And I put it up. And I put up my other 2 trees. 

And I took this fabulous picture of it 😂😂😂

Is it weird that I am hosting Thanksgiving with 3 Christmas trees adorning my house, maybe. Do I care? Not really. It feels all nice and cozy.

6. Last Saturday to celebrate Veteran's Day, Aiden, Amelia and I stopped but an event the town was having at our local park. 

Each flag was dedicated to a local Veteran. It was really cool. To add the to dramatic effect it was super windy so all the flags were waving.

7. Today we are off to church then going to see the Justice League movie. I hope your Sunday is great! Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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