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Monday, November 6, 2017

"To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often."
-Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman

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Me: Dress Old Navy. I just bought it a couple of weeks ago so it's still available
Shoes I picked up on clearance from Gap outlet. Here's similar
Amelia: I picked up her dress at the JBF sale for $4! 
And the boys are both wearing what they wear almost every Sunday. Asher's pants are the best slacks we've ever had. You can find them here

Oh how I love this time change. We all woke up refreshed, had plenty of time to get to church, no one complained or was tired at church and then we all went to bed early. This is my favorite ever time of year. A good family friend is in town from California so while Cameron went in to the office for a couple of hours (it's his busy time of year at work) the kids and I headed over to my parents to visit. It was nice and after lunch we came home to catch up on a few things (like laundry) and then watch the Cowboys play. 
So much going on with only 2 weeks until the kids are out for Thanksgiving Break AND I so graciously volunteered to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. Now if it would only get cooler so it actually felt like fall...

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