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Friday, November 3, 2017

I love Halloween. I just think all of it is so much fun and look forward to celebrating it with my kids every year.
This year we started the day off with a parade at Amelia's preschool. She chose to be Fancy Nancy just for school and man did she look adorable.

Honestly the old me would have DIED at the fact that she didn't want to wear her real costume. I know that sounds insanely insane but let's just be real...I was a wee bit insanely insane at one time 😉 Now I just don't care. I realize how unimportant details can be and as long as our kids are happy then I'm happy.

I  mean seriously how cute is she!

After all that fun I headed straight to the doctor because I have been so sick for about a week with cold stuff. Ugh...I feel awful. The doctor told me what ever mom loves to hear "It's just a virus" and I was off to grab some medicine that isn't helping. Woe is me.

After resting some, I was off to pick up the kids. And then it started to pour down rain. When I picked up the boys they were so sad but I assured them that maybe just maybe it wouldn't be raining when we went trick or treating.

And you know wasn't. 

Big baby, Moana and a Pokemon Trainer.

We met up with my sister, brother in law and niece and off we went to get some candy.

Our neighborhood doesn't hand out candy so we always go downtown. All the houses are decorated on Main Street and it feels like we are in a movie. We love it.

The Big baby was quite a hit. I had to get my picture with our town celebrity 😂

Hope everyone had a very fun and spooky Halloween!

And cheers to the weekend!!!!

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