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Monday, October 9, 2017

The eyes of Texas are upon you
All the live long days
The eyes of Texas are upon you
And you cannot get away

Do not think you can escape them
From night till early in the morn
The eyes of Texas are upon you
Till Gabriel blows his horn

I have been a Texas Longhorn fan my entire life. I remember walking around the campus my entire childhood. Going to football, basketball and baseball games for years with my Dad. It's who I am and I am passing that tradition along to my kids.

Saturday we packed up after lunch and headed down to Austin for the Texas football game. My uncle has a huge tailgate and it's always so much fun so we went early to spend a couple of hours there.

The kids had a blast! I can't even describe all the excitement game day brings. You can feel the energy everywhere. After playing games, eating yummy food and a few cold drinks, we headed over to the stadium to get ready for the game. 

Getting an autograph from a basketball player

The best part of the game experience is the beginning. They show highlight reels on the big screen, the band comes out and plays the Eyes of Texas and then the players run out. It's always fun to watch and be a part of. 

We are lucky that our kids are great at games. We've been going to professional sports games almost their entire lives so they enjoy them as much as we do. 

And of course a few treats here and there helps 😉

The game itself was so exciting and went into double overtime but thankfully Texas pulled out a win! We ended up not getting home until midnight but for a day of fun it was totally worth it.

Hook em

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