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Friday, October 6, 2017

1. This is the last day of school before a week vacation our school calls Fall Break. I am so ready for some fall break. Sleeping in, not packing lunches before the sun comes up...I'm down with all of the relaxing that the next week will entail.

2. I do plan on some fun things with the kids. We are going to hit up our favorite pumpkin patch, go see the Lego Ninjago movie, go to a UT football game this weekend and watch movies at home. 

oh the glory days how we miss you...

The past years we've gone on vacations because this is the best time of year to travel. Everyone else is in school and traveling is just so easy. 2 years ago we went to Disney World and last year California. I think the California trip was my all time fav vacation we've taken just the 5 of us. I was a little sad we weren't going anywhere but with our upcoming ski trip, making 2 big trips so close together just wasn't the smartest thing to do. So we will make the most of our time at home.

3. Towards the end of fall break I will be getting my top 2 wisdom teeth pulled. In all honesty I am completely terrified of this hence why I am in my late thirties and still have them. However they are starting to move which is making all my teeth shift and the doctor really just thinks it's best to pull them. So we are. Pray for me.

4. On a completely different note, this is currently my favorite juice.

I actually look forward to it every morning. 3 stalks of celery and apple. I know it sounds weird but it's really delicious. Thankfully 11 years ago my mom decided to get me a juicer for Christmas and for the majority of those 11 years it sat on the shelf. Thankfully it still works great so I didn't have to buy any gear for this new diet switch up.

5. Topo Chico.
Image result for topo chico
 I'm sure you've heard of it. I was seriously like what's the big deal about water?! While at Costco this week I picked up a case just to see what all the hype is. My's pretty good! I'm not going to go all crazy like some and swear it's the only water I drink but I do enjoy it and it makes me feel a little fancy during the day. Sippin on my Topo Chico while in workout clothes. It's a glamorous life 😉

6. If you are interested in oils and want to see what my favorites are and how we use them check out my post this week
I also ordered some products from their makeup line this month that I cannot wait to try. I hardly wear any makeup but I do wear a little and am trying to find good stuff. I will let you know once I get it how it's working. 

7. Finally, I've had the best time this week watching the JBF sale and all my things being sold. It ends tomorrow and I can't wait to see what my final total is. I actually went to the sale yesterday {after swearing I wouldn't} and found some cute stuff. I bought Milly about 5 dresses, a puffer vest and 2 cute tops, 2 Christmas presents for her, some Fancy Nancy and Daniel Tiger books and Aiden a Pokemon backpack. Besides the fact that I had to stand in line for an hour 😐 it was fun. I did learn a few things and next fall I plan on tagging my own items and working the sale so I can earn 70% back. I was thinking back to how much money I could have made on all the stuff I took to Goodwill. Holy moly. 

Happy Weekend

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