10 favorite young living products

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I have been using oils for about 2 years but only really have I gotten into other products that Young Living offers in the last year. So here are my favorite no particular order.

Thieves Essential Oil

I know if you are probably like shocker because pretty much everyone in the blogging/oil world loves Thieves. It's because it really is that great. I love to diffuse it, especially this time of year because it gives our home the perfect fall scent. I also use Thieves Vitality in my tea in the afternoon for an immune boost. My favorite way to use it is on the kids. Everyone morning I rub it along their spines before they head to school. Not only do they smell nice but I am sending them off with a little extra immunity boost. I just attach the roller tops and voila! Which brings me to my next favorite product...

AromaGlide Roller Fitments
I can't believe I just discovered these a few months ago. They turn any bottle into a roll on. It makes application a cinch! It's so easy there is no more excuses to not use them topically.

3. Kid's Oils

TummyGize - 5mlOwie - 5mlSniffleEase
My kids and I are both huge fans. These might some of the most used oils in our home. These also became more accessible to use once I discovered the roller attachments. The Tummygize is a life saver. My kids are notorious for belly aches. I mean almost everyday one of them is complaining of a belly ache. I roll a little Tummygize on their tummies and in minutes they are feeling better. The Snifflease is also a favorite this time of year. It helps with colds and allergies. Just roll across their sinus' and soon they are feeling better. The Owie is a personal fav of Ms. Amelia. She gets roughly 20 owies a day so whether they are real {or not} this oil helps ease her mind.

MultiGreens Capsules

I had been wanting to try their supplements for a few months before I finally did. My body is weird and has a hard time breaking down vitamins and supplements so I have to be really careful what I take. These are amazing. They did not affect my blood work at all, they smell/taste amazing and since taking them on a regular basis for a few months, I've noticed a huge difference in how I feel and how my skin looks and feels. I either take 3 between meals or break open the capsules and poor the greens in either my smoothie or juice for the day.

JuvaTone Tablets
Again, with my weird body, I've always had liver issues. Almost every time I get blood work done my liver blood work always comes back with some issue. After years I finally figured out that it was the supplements I was taking and the protein I was putting in my smoothies. My body just does not want it. Since taking this supplement {it's designed for liver health} and having blood work done, my liver didn't show any signs of abnormalities. I was shocked! Also happy that I finally found something that worked.

SleepyIze - 5ml

Even though this is a Kid's oil I had to do it separate because of how much I love it! I diffuse this in their rooms at night {they each have this small diffuser I purchased off Amazon} and I rub on their temples before they go to sleep. Two of my kids have no problem falling asleep but I assume this helps them fall in a deep sleep. One child does have problems falling to sleep and has been known to lay in bed for hours reading or looking at magazines way past bedtime. Since using this for the past month regularly I have noticed a huge difference in their sleep patterns.

Stress Away Roll-On
While I love all the rollers, the next two are my favorites. I love the Stress Away roller so much that I ordered them for my boys teachers last year during teacher appreciation week. I rub this roller on the back of my next every afternoon. I also rub it on the back of the boys necks if they have a test or big project at school or if they have an important sports game. I have to admit at first I was not convinced. But after using this on a regular basis, man it really works. I find myself less snappy with the kids if I rub this on before I pick them up from school. Another great time to use it...traveling. When we had so many unexpected travel problems the last couple of trips I was rubbing this oil on all of us!

Tranquil Roll-On
This might be my favorite roll on. I use this every morning when I wake up before I do my Bible studies and every day as soon as we get home for the evening. I love it. It smells amazing, is cool on my neck and really truly keeps me calm. Mornings can feel fast paced, hectic and stressful and this helps me keep my cool. Evenings can feel slow, loud and unorganized and this helps me keep my cool. This roll on is a mom's best friend.

9. Lavender and Cedarwood

Lavender Essential OilCedarwood Essential Oil

I have been diffusing these in our home. When we get home from school, or on the weekends after a long day out, the first thing I do is get these oils every room possible. They are so calming. If we are all in the living room watching TV together I diffuse them and everyone is relaxed enjoying themselves. I diffuse them in our bedroom in the evenings to create a calming atmosphere for Cameron and I. I couldn't live without these oils.

10. USB Diffuser

USB Diffuser - Pink

This is a mom's best friend. I plug this into the car and diffuse away! I use Joy to keep everyone happy, Purification and Pine {separately}  to make the car smell good or Digize to cal everyone {just learned about that one}. So many benefits from such a little device. Plus they come in fun colors so you can choose whatever makes you happy. The kids also love to take turns to pick an oil to use. 

I hope this helps you on your oil journey {if you are on one}. I always love to read blogs about what oils people are using and how. I have learned so many things about oils and specific ways to use them through that. 

What are your favorite oils?

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