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Monday, October 30, 2017

"Don't spend your energies on things that generate worry, anxiety and anguish. Only one thing is necessary: Lift up your spirit, and love God."
St. Padre Pio

I've been gone the past 2 weeks because well...we didn't go to Mass. I am not someone that can go to Mass when I am feeling bad. I just can't. I know some of you go no matter what and I'm sure your path to heaven will be quicker then mine and maybe once my kids are older that will change but for now if Momma is down we are all down.

Now to the clothes
Me: Gap dress from Thredup {kind of similar}. I recently sent 2 huge bags of clothes to Thredup and had a really nice credit on my account, so I stocked up cold weather dresses for Mass. 
Leggings Old Navy because it wasn't quite cold enough for tights. 
Cardigan Old Navy I grabbed on clearance over the summer.
Shoes from Zulily. They are amazingly comfortable and have a manageable heel.

Amelia's dress is Gymboree {similar style}from last winter and Shoes are Children's Place. They are adorable! Gray velvet boots with a ribbon tie. I wish I would have gotten a closer pic

Asher's top is Old Navy...also grabbed on clearance over the summer. 
Pants Gap. These are the best skinny slacks we have ever found.

Aiden's top is Ralph Lauren via Goodwill. I have a great secret Goodwill in a fancy part of Austin we hit up every now and then. They stuff is practically new and all name brand.
Pants old Navy and Jacket Nike via Goodwill

As for Mass is was very pleasant. We are finally at an age that my kids almost always act well. It makes everything so much easier. The mom in front of us was really struggling with her littles and I prayed for her and mentally tried to send her messages that it's all worth it 😉

We went to the early Mass which we almost never do anymore because we had an exciting afternoon of baseball ahead of us. Asher and his team {with Daddy as the coach} had their championship baseball game in the afternoon. So we headed home, changed and ate lunch and headed to the baseball fields. The game was amazing. Our boys played their hearts out.

And won 15-0! Finally...a first place trophy!

I know it might sound silly to some but we are a HUGE sports family and this win brought tears to my eyes. I know how hard Cameron has worked as a coach and how hard Asher has worked as a player and this was so overdue. They really deserved it and I'm so glad they finally got the big WIN!

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{seven qts} it's me again...minus 2 teeth

Friday, October 27, 2017

1. 2 weeks ago my kids had a week long fall break at their school. It was heavenly other then the fact that I had 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled. The procedure was not as bad as I had imagined it would be but the recovery was a lot longer. I couldn't eat real food for an entire week! And everything had to be room temperature...yum. So that explains my lack of blogging. I am all recovered and feeling back to normal.
During Fall break we went to our favorite pumpkin patch Sweet Berry Farms.

2. Two days after getting my teeth out, I was somewhat good enough to get out of bed and dressed. Asher had baseball stuff so since Cam was busy with that, I took Aiden and Milly to a Pokemon Fest in Austin that Aiden has been looking forward to for months.

It was weird...really weird and as I walked around drinking my juice I prayed that Aiden would not end of like some of the adults there. The kids had a blast and thought it was amazing so even though I was not feeling the best it was worth it.

3. Last week Milly and I met some friends to see the My Little Pony movie. She was so excited she dressed herself.

The movie was weird but the girls loved it and I enjoyed chatting with my friend so it was all good.

4. Last weekend we were the super cool parents and surprised the boys with tickets to go see Justin Timberlake in concert. They knew we were going but we hadn't told them that we were taking them as well. They were ecstatic! The concert was at the Circuit of America's race track so on our way out to the field we stopped to get a picture.

It was the best night. We all had a blast and enjoyed the concert. 

If you ever have a chance to go to a JT concert go. Beautiful voice, so entertaining...lots of fun.

5. Kids had picture day and all looked SOOOO cute!

I can't believe how big they all are.

6. We had our annual Halloween party again this year and as always it was lot of fun for the kids. 

We had a relay race with lots of fun and hilarious games for the kids.

Add in yummy treats and you've got yourself a party. Till next year...

7. And finally Milly had her Halloween Dance at her dance class. All the moms came in to watch their little darlings dance and what did mine do...stand and stare at me with her tongue out. Silly strange child of mine.

At least she looked cute doing it.

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sweet berry farms 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

We try to make it up the road to Marble Falls, TX every year to visit our favorite pumpkin patch Sweet Berry Farms. Usually it is insanely hot however this year we got really lucky. 

It was COLD!!!! Really really cold for these Texans.

We were super excited to be going during the boy's fall break at school in the hopes that no one would be there because we are the only school in the area that gets a fall break. I didn't at all think about field trips and unfortunately there were 2 different ones going on so when we got there around 11am the place was packed! The good news was after a few pictures on the pumpkins, picking out our own pumpkins, jumping on the giant air filled balloon looking thing and then having lunch, everyone had cleared out. 

We headed across the road to the other side of the farm to enjoy all the other fun activities. Asher and Amelia rode a barrel train, we walked the Texas maze for the 2nd time and finished it in about an hour, rode the hay ride and picked flowers.

This was by far the best trip to Sweet Berry Farms we have ever had! The weather was gorgeous, Amelia only threw one tantrum (in the Texas Maze) and we ended up spending the entire day there enjoying each other company and all the fun fall activities.
Till next year :)

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