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Monday, September 25, 2017

Amelia's Birthday Party

We went round 3 for Amelia's birthday this weekend with her first ever friend party. As stressful as it was planning and anxiously waiting for RSVP's (I really don't think people do those anymore) it ended up being a huge success for our little 5 year old.

Fancy Nancy was the theme and dancing was the entertainment.

This party was so fun! The little girls were adorable and Amelia loved being the center of attention.

To my surprise "the brothers" as she so lovingly refers to them got in on all the fun!

One even enjoyed the party favors

Our little birthday girl was so cute and had the best time! It made all the stress worth it.
Seriously I have no idea what wrong with me to stress about this

These 2 best friends make my heart smile 😊 It's really her mom and mine's dream come true that they are so close.

The party was a big success and Amelia was so happy. It was the perfect way to end our Saturday.

Asher's Baseball Tournament
Asher's tournament started Saturday buuuut I was at bowling with Aiden (where he bowled his highest game ever a 148!!!!) so I couldn't go to the morning games. They ended up losing one and winning one. Sunday we were back at the ball fields really early to play our first game.

(the sibling club)

And they won! Whoo hoo!

So we played our second game...and they won again! This time against the team that beat them the day before. This win put us in the championship game! I have to say I was a super proud Momma because Asher played his heart out. He literally did the splits to catch a ball at first base to get the guy out. He played all out for that game. 

So on to the championship we went. Let me add that we have never won a championship.


We always get second and while second is great we all really really REALLY wanted first place. We wanted that gold ring. B.A.D.

(are you catching on to how bad we wanted this 😂)

Asher was pitching which if you don't have kids that play baseball or sports in general, I cannot even explain how insanely nervous I was for him. He did great, his team played amazing and...


Our boys deserved this so much. They all play with so much heart and dedication and they needed this. It was great. I've never in my life seen my son smile so big before...

Look at all those pearly whites 😉

His coach is pretty hot too 💓

All this Sunday did for our boys was prove that hard work really does pay off.

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