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Monday, September 18, 2017

Welcome to Our Living Room!

I think it's safe to say this room has changed the most since we moved in. We've been here 2 1/2 years and I'm guessing I've redone it about 20 times 😉 I went to try and find pictures of all the many different looks it has had but couldn't find any. It wasn't until this final redo in June that fell in love with my living room.

The best part was I came up with the new design while coming home from Ireland. I knew we needed more seating {before all we had was the couch and 1 chair} and I knew that this big wall needed a gallery {see below}

Before just one picture hung on it and it looked so sad. I would sit on the couch and imagine all the ways I could spruce it up. Then one hot summer day, I gathered all the pictures from around the house that weren't actually pictures and just hung them up.

Thankfully it came out pretty good 😉 Now it's perfect and my fav part is that I can still add to it whenever I find a new piece.

She had to get in a pic...stinker

We've had this couch since the old house and we still love it. It's so comfy and fits nicely in the spot. The rug I bought a couple of years ago from Costco. This was the 3rd rug we had in here before I found this one. Not only is it super soft on it's own but we bought carpet padding to lay under it. Made a world of a difference.

When I planned to redo this room my goal was to buy as little as possible. I already had to rug under the chairs, the middle table, the pillows, lamp and one of the chairs. This chair was in our bedroom but I decided to try it out here and loved it. So off to IKEA I went to get another one. While there I also picked up the shelving off to the right of the photo. I can't remember exactly but it was pretty cheap...I'm thinking around $10. It's more for utility purposes but I just love the metal and wood look so I knew it would be a perfect fit here. 

We also use to have darker curtains in here but I wanted to brighten it up so I bought these cute sheer white ones from IKEA as well. This is one of my fav spots in the house. I have my devotional basket on the table's shelf and my diffuser here. In the mornings this is where I sit before everyone is awake, read the Bible and get ready for the day.

My husband felt it necessary to buy the largest TV possible for this wall. I forget how big it is until people come over and are all WOAH! Ha! 

This was the first piece of furniture Cameron and I bought together for our first house. I refinished it before we moved from that house but it will always be one of our favorites that we own. At one time it held china but now holds pictures of the people we love.

Our living room has come a long way since we moved in. I'm sure I will forever be changing it up because...well that's what I do. For right now we are all loving it and since it's where we spend a large majority of our time, that's really important.

Now off to clean our bedroom so hopefully it will be picture worthy for tomorrow 😉✋✌

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