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Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Birthday to our little Milly Moo!!!!!

I seriously cannot believe she is already 5. Man does time fly! She is such a sweetie and I just adore everyday I get to spend with her. I always wonder who we would all be without her in our life. She has made the boys more patient and loving. She has made her Dad WAY more patient and tender. She has made me more forgiving and has really shown me true love because she was seriously the hardest baby on the planet and I somehow survived 😉

This weekend we celebrated with a double birthday party...Sissy and Daddy!

I love these two birthday buddies

Dear Amelia, Milly Moo, Sissy,

I've said it a million times but our lives really did change 5 years ago. You are not only a bright light in our family but you show all the good in the world on a sad day. I am so thankful you were born on 9/11 because now this day holds a piece of happiness for us. 
My favorite thing you do is when you tell someone something you don't like then reassure them how much you love them. For example, "Daddy I don't really like your beard, but I love you!" Or, "Mommy that was a bad dance but I love you!" 😂 With you around we will all stay very humble 😉
I love how you call the boys "the brothers." All day it's "when are we getting the brothers," "when the brothers come home we are going to do this." You are so in love with the brothers and they feel the same way towards you. I'm not sure how we got so lucky to have 3 kids that really and truly love and care for each other. You 3 are so lucky to have each other and I know you will be best friends as adults. 
I love how you hold my hand and tell me a million times a day how much you love me. You have no idea how each and every time it melts my heart. 
I cannot wait to see what this year brings you on your adventure of life. I know that no matter what, all 4 of us will be right there with you every step of the way.
Love you to the moon and back,

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