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Friday, September 22, 2017

1. Linking up with Kelly and you MUST head over to her blog and read the best post I've read in a long time. I was dying laughing this morning! Oh.Em.Gee!!!! 

2. This week was a doozie for me. I couldn't wait for Amelia to start preschool because I had all these grandeur images in my head of relaxing, reading, watching some TV...oh how magical my days were going to be. I'm not sure when those magical days are suppose to start but they haven't yet. I'm literally running running Everyday. It's never ending in my life. I'm thinking I need to prioritize better. Anyway, this week has been busy, like all the other weeks, and I am so very thankful it's Friday.

3. Planning Amelia's "friend" birthday party has all the memories coming back why we no longer do friend parties. As of yesterday I had 2 RSVP's. 2 MY FRIENDS!!!!! And we have gone all out for this party so last night I was lying in bed thinking about all the money we are wasting because no one is even coming. I selfishly prayed that her friends from school would come just so she could have the perfect birthday she has been dreaming about. And you know what...this morning 4 friends RSVP'd. You can't even imagine how happy that made me. Now I completely understand families are busy and things come up but this is exactly why I don't do big parties. Too stressful. I hope she enjoys this one because it might possibly be her last 😉

4. I haven't posted any pics yet so here ya go

Aiden's first dance was last Friday and I very last minute decided to volunteer. I was so glad I did! I had a blast watching Aiden hang out with his friends and dance and just enjoy being a kid. He really is the coolest kid...I wish I would have been more like him when I was his age. He's so confident in who he is and doesn't care what anyone thinks. He just does his own thing and I love it!

5. After a late night of dancing, we were up early Saturday for bowling. His team got their new jerseys and looked so very fly.

"Hey guys look this way! Hey guys! Guys?!" 😂

6. Fantasy Football has started in our household and for the first time in many years my team is the I am so stoked! I might actually win the money this year 
*fingers doubly crossed* 
Image result for fantasy football

7. Tuesday among the million of other things I have going on, I took Asher in for his well check. Yes he turned 10 in May, is that a problem?! 

He's a small guy...4'7 and 59 lbs. The kids eats like nobody's business he is just so active. I love our pedi because he says Asher is perfect! He's active, eats healthy and is never sick. He predicts a growth spurt in the somewhat near future which I know Asher is looking forward to!
He had to get a shot and Milly was so sweet and sat next to him and held his hand. 

Thick as thieves these 2 😊

Happy weekend!

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