{7qts} the week of birthdays

Friday, September 15, 2017

1. This week is all about birthdays in this house. Milly's 5th bday was Monday and since we had a little family party for her over the weekend nothing big was planned. I did, however play with her all morning with her new toys, we cleaned up her room together and then I took her to the Disney store so she could spend some gift cards and money she received as presents. She was adorable and had the best time.

After shopping we headed over to the food court where she rode on a couple of the rides.

She also talked me into buying her Halloween costume...Moana. It was on sale, plus I had a coupon it was a pretty easy sale on her part. And isn't she the cutest??!!

2. Going back a day, also along the lines of birthdays...Cam and I are really trying to spend more one on one time with the kids, so he decided to take Milly to Build a Bear. She has never been to actually build a bear and has been wanting to all summer. We figured this would be something fun for the 2 of them. So after church last Sunday they were off on their little date.

3. Cameron celebrated his 38th birthday Wednesday and since the kids have half days on Wednesdays he took off work so we could all do something fun. I took the kids to school then headed home where we got ready and went shopping and grabbed lunch. Then we picked up Milly early from preschool, picked up the boys and headed to Top Golf. We LOVE Top Golf and it was a great afternoon.

4. Because of all that birthday fun this week I have been SO behind! Yesterday I tried to catch up by cleaning the house and doing laundry but even after 5 loads yesterday I'm looking at about 3 more today. I also need to hit up the grocery store so we actually have food to eat 😉 

5. For the first time ever I decided to try out and sell my stuff in a giant consignment sale. A friend of mine is doing it and she pretty much talked me into it. I spent the majority of the day Sunday and then Tuesday gathering and cleaning things that I wanted to try and sell. Shockingly it ended up being alot more then I had expected. I had a giant box of clothes, box of books, my Ergo, some bedding, Milly's convertible car seat and then  a giant box of toys. I dropped it off yesterday at a lady's house who is going to tag it all for me. Overall the experience was so easy! I'm excited to see how much moola I'm going to make 

6. I finished America's First Daughter and loved it. I want to visit Monticello sooooo bad now! I just downloaded the audio version of A More Perfect Union...the 3rd book in the Midwife's Revolt series. So far I love it. Yesterday I listened to almost half of it and was sad when I had to pause because kids were in the car. I also ordered Laudato Si for my next read. Not sure where I am headed reading wise after that one...

7. I am SO happy it is Friday! Aiden has his first middle school dance tonight and being the crazy mom I am I signed up to volunteer. I asked him if he cared and of course he didn't. So tonight should be fun! 

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