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Friday, September 1, 2017

1. I LOVE fall. I really really do. I love everything about it...busy schedules, football, cool mornings {hopefully} pumpkin everything...I just love it. Fall brings back so many great memories for me when the boys were small. We use to love walking around our old neighborhood on cool fall mornings. I really miss those easy mornings which brings me...

2. I love the school the boys attend, but this year, and I assume the years to follow, it seems that their school work is going to be taking up a lot of our family time. It would be nice if they were home more and homeschooling would open that option for us. But for now the kids are happy and we are making it work so I imagine we will stay where we are at :)

3. Yesterday we went to Milly's meet the teacher. 

This will be her last year at preschool {really trying to cope with that} and she is beyond excited! This girl LOVES school!

Her teachers are super sweet and it seems that this is going to be a great learning year for my little lady.

Meet the Teacher 2016

Meet the Teacher 2015

4. Last week we had to head into Austin to drop off my car for some work so I decided to take Milly to the local children's museum. Here's the thing... I use to ALWAYS take my boys to do fun stuff like this but my poor little 3rd child, well this is only her 3rd time to this museum. The good news is that she really has no idea and had the best time 😉

She is seriously so much fun! We are going back this afternoon because she cannot stop talking about how much she loved it 😊

5. I am still reading America's First Daughter and should hopefully finish this weekend. I am LOVING this book!!!! Cam and Ash are going to a birthday party at our local Triple A baseball team this evening so I'm hoping after I get Milly to sleep I can convince Aiden to just chill and us read. I haven't decided what to pick up next...any suggestions?

6. Due to Hurricane Harvey and because of social media and people freaking out, our area is almost out of gas. Sooooo I could be spending the next few days sitting at home waiting for the gas stations to restock. I'm going to try and find somewhere to stop today and fill up which will hopefully get me through until next week. Luckily this weekend isn't too jammed packed with things to do. We have a bowling event in the morning and then a birthday party Sunday late afternoon. Might need to find a good family movie to watch. Or we can just watch football!

7. A goal for this weekend is to really sit down and figure out a schedule for our family during the week. I wanted to start teaching Aiden piano and bought this book from Amazon because it had great reviews. I hope it works for us. I also want to start teaching Milly to read and picked up this book to help with that. The problem is finding time for this. So I need to sit down and write it out because friends, that's just how my mind works.

I hope everyone has a great 3 day Labor Day weekend! Please continue to pray for our neighbors in south east Texas. The devastation this hurricane left is so awful. 

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