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Monday, September 25, 2017

Amelia's Birthday Party

We went round 3 for Amelia's birthday this weekend with her first ever friend party. As stressful as it was planning and anxiously waiting for RSVP's (I really don't think people do those anymore) it ended up being a huge success for our little 5 year old.

Fancy Nancy was the theme and dancing was the entertainment.

This party was so fun! The little girls were adorable and Amelia loved being the center of attention.

To my surprise "the brothers" as she so lovingly refers to them got in on all the fun!

One even enjoyed the party favors

Our little birthday girl was so cute and had the best time! It made all the stress worth it.
Seriously I have no idea what wrong with me to stress about this

These 2 best friends make my heart smile 😊 It's really her mom and mine's dream come true that they are so close.

The party was a big success and Amelia was so happy. It was the perfect way to end our Saturday.

Asher's Baseball Tournament
Asher's tournament started Saturday buuuut I was at bowling with Aiden (where he bowled his highest game ever a 148!!!!) so I couldn't go to the morning games. They ended up losing one and winning one. Sunday we were back at the ball fields really early to play our first game.

(the sibling club)

And they won! Whoo hoo!

So we played our second game...and they won again! This time against the team that beat them the day before. This win put us in the championship game! I have to say I was a super proud Momma because Asher played his heart out. He literally did the splits to catch a ball at first base to get the guy out. He played all out for that game. 

So on to the championship we went. Let me add that we have never won a championship.


We always get second and while second is great we all really really REALLY wanted first place. We wanted that gold ring. B.A.D.

(are you catching on to how bad we wanted this 😂)

Asher was pitching which if you don't have kids that play baseball or sports in general, I cannot even explain how insanely nervous I was for him. He did great, his team played amazing and...


Our boys deserved this so much. They all play with so much heart and dedication and they needed this. It was great. I've never in my life seen my son smile so big before...

Look at all those pearly whites 😉

His coach is pretty hot too 💓

All this Sunday did for our boys was prove that hard work really does pay off.

7QTs why do i torture myself

Friday, September 22, 2017

1. Linking up with Kelly and you MUST head over to her blog and read the best post I've read in a long time. I was dying laughing this morning! Oh.Em.Gee!!!! 

2. This week was a doozie for me. I couldn't wait for Amelia to start preschool because I had all these grandeur images in my head of relaxing, reading, watching some TV...oh how magical my days were going to be. I'm not sure when those magical days are suppose to start but they haven't yet. I'm literally running running Everyday. It's never ending in my life. I'm thinking I need to prioritize better. Anyway, this week has been busy, like all the other weeks, and I am so very thankful it's Friday.

3. Planning Amelia's "friend" birthday party has all the memories coming back why we no longer do friend parties. As of yesterday I had 2 RSVP's. 2 MY FRIENDS!!!!! And we have gone all out for this party so last night I was lying in bed thinking about all the money we are wasting because no one is even coming. I selfishly prayed that her friends from school would come just so she could have the perfect birthday she has been dreaming about. And you know what...this morning 4 friends RSVP'd. You can't even imagine how happy that made me. Now I completely understand families are busy and things come up but this is exactly why I don't do big parties. Too stressful. I hope she enjoys this one because it might possibly be her last 😉

4. I haven't posted any pics yet so here ya go

Aiden's first dance was last Friday and I very last minute decided to volunteer. I was so glad I did! I had a blast watching Aiden hang out with his friends and dance and just enjoy being a kid. He really is the coolest kid...I wish I would have been more like him when I was his age. He's so confident in who he is and doesn't care what anyone thinks. He just does his own thing and I love it!

5. After a late night of dancing, we were up early Saturday for bowling. His team got their new jerseys and looked so very fly.

"Hey guys look this way! Hey guys! Guys?!" 😂

6. Fantasy Football has started in our household and for the first time in many years my team is the I am so stoked! I might actually win the money this year 
*fingers doubly crossed* 
Image result for fantasy football

7. Tuesday among the million of other things I have going on, I took Asher in for his well check. Yes he turned 10 in May, is that a problem?! 

He's a small guy...4'7 and 59 lbs. The kids eats like nobody's business he is just so active. I love our pedi because he says Asher is perfect! He's active, eats healthy and is never sick. He predicts a growth spurt in the somewhat near future which I know Asher is looking forward to!
He had to get a shot and Milly was so sweet and sat next to him and held his hand. 

Thick as thieves these 2 😊

Happy weekend!

our living room

Monday, September 18, 2017

Welcome to Our Living Room!

I think it's safe to say this room has changed the most since we moved in. We've been here 2 1/2 years and I'm guessing I've redone it about 20 times 😉 I went to try and find pictures of all the many different looks it has had but couldn't find any. It wasn't until this final redo in June that fell in love with my living room.

The best part was I came up with the new design while coming home from Ireland. I knew we needed more seating {before all we had was the couch and 1 chair} and I knew that this big wall needed a gallery {see below}

Before just one picture hung on it and it looked so sad. I would sit on the couch and imagine all the ways I could spruce it up. Then one hot summer day, I gathered all the pictures from around the house that weren't actually pictures and just hung them up.

Thankfully it came out pretty good 😉 Now it's perfect and my fav part is that I can still add to it whenever I find a new piece.

She had to get in a pic...stinker

We've had this couch since the old house and we still love it. It's so comfy and fits nicely in the spot. The rug I bought a couple of years ago from Costco. This was the 3rd rug we had in here before I found this one. Not only is it super soft on it's own but we bought carpet padding to lay under it. Made a world of a difference.

When I planned to redo this room my goal was to buy as little as possible. I already had to rug under the chairs, the middle table, the pillows, lamp and one of the chairs. This chair was in our bedroom but I decided to try it out here and loved it. So off to IKEA I went to get another one. While there I also picked up the shelving off to the right of the photo. I can't remember exactly but it was pretty cheap...I'm thinking around $10. It's more for utility purposes but I just love the metal and wood look so I knew it would be a perfect fit here. 

We also use to have darker curtains in here but I wanted to brighten it up so I bought these cute sheer white ones from IKEA as well. This is one of my fav spots in the house. I have my devotional basket on the table's shelf and my diffuser here. In the mornings this is where I sit before everyone is awake, read the Bible and get ready for the day.

My husband felt it necessary to buy the largest TV possible for this wall. I forget how big it is until people come over and are all WOAH! Ha! 

This was the first piece of furniture Cameron and I bought together for our first house. I refinished it before we moved from that house but it will always be one of our favorites that we own. At one time it held china but now holds pictures of the people we love.

Our living room has come a long way since we moved in. I'm sure I will forever be changing it up because...well that's what I do. For right now we are all loving it and since it's where we spend a large majority of our time, that's really important.

Now off to clean our bedroom so hopefully it will be picture worthy for tomorrow 😉✋✌

kirchoff sunday best

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace."
Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Boys pants from Old Navy
Aiden's shirt Nike, shoes Vans; Asher's shirt Target, shoes Converse
Milly's dress Nike and shoes Old Navy

We went to Mass Saturday evening because the boys were alter serving. After Mass we picked up wings and drumsticks from Wing Stop then headed home to watch the Longhorns play USC in football. It was a great game but we lost. was a devastating loss!!!! Because the game was so great and went into overtime, we didn't even get to bed until midnight. At that point I was so very thankful we didn't have to wake up early for Mass the next morning 😉 We all slept in today and once we were awake just moved around slowly to get in our groove. It was a great morning. After a couple of cups of coffee and cinnamon rolls, I headed out back to work in my garden. I worked for about 2 hours (until it got too hot) and ended up pulling all my okra and jalapeno plants and then cutting back my tomato and squash plants. Then I tilled up the dirt and pulled weeds. It looks so nice and clean now. I have 3 tomato, 1 bell pepper and 1 squash plants left for now. I will leave those for about another month or until they are no longer producing before I decided what's going in my winter garden.

I have big plans for the blog this week. I hope to post all week new pictures of the house and all the updates I've made to it. Tomorrow look for the master bedroom redo!

Happy Sunday 😊

Linking up with Rosie!

{7qts} the week of birthdays

Friday, September 15, 2017

1. This week is all about birthdays in this house. Milly's 5th bday was Monday and since we had a little family party for her over the weekend nothing big was planned. I did, however play with her all morning with her new toys, we cleaned up her room together and then I took her to the Disney store so she could spend some gift cards and money she received as presents. She was adorable and had the best time.

After shopping we headed over to the food court where she rode on a couple of the rides.

She also talked me into buying her Halloween costume...Moana. It was on sale, plus I had a coupon it was a pretty easy sale on her part. And isn't she the cutest??!!

2. Going back a day, also along the lines of birthdays...Cam and I are really trying to spend more one on one time with the kids, so he decided to take Milly to Build a Bear. She has never been to actually build a bear and has been wanting to all summer. We figured this would be something fun for the 2 of them. So after church last Sunday they were off on their little date.

3. Cameron celebrated his 38th birthday Wednesday and since the kids have half days on Wednesdays he took off work so we could all do something fun. I took the kids to school then headed home where we got ready and went shopping and grabbed lunch. Then we picked up Milly early from preschool, picked up the boys and headed to Top Golf. We LOVE Top Golf and it was a great afternoon.

4. Because of all that birthday fun this week I have been SO behind! Yesterday I tried to catch up by cleaning the house and doing laundry but even after 5 loads yesterday I'm looking at about 3 more today. I also need to hit up the grocery store so we actually have food to eat 😉 

5. For the first time ever I decided to try out and sell my stuff in a giant consignment sale. A friend of mine is doing it and she pretty much talked me into it. I spent the majority of the day Sunday and then Tuesday gathering and cleaning things that I wanted to try and sell. Shockingly it ended up being alot more then I had expected. I had a giant box of clothes, box of books, my Ergo, some bedding, Milly's convertible car seat and then  a giant box of toys. I dropped it off yesterday at a lady's house who is going to tag it all for me. Overall the experience was so easy! I'm excited to see how much moola I'm going to make 

6. I finished America's First Daughter and loved it. I want to visit Monticello sooooo bad now! I just downloaded the audio version of A More Perfect Union...the 3rd book in the Midwife's Revolt series. So far I love it. Yesterday I listened to almost half of it and was sad when I had to pause because kids were in the car. I also ordered Laudato Si for my next read. Not sure where I am headed reading wise after that one...

7. I am SO happy it is Friday! Aiden has his first middle school dance tonight and being the crazy mom I am I signed up to volunteer. I asked him if he cared and of course he didn't. So tonight should be fun! 

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